Sunday, November 1

The Last Tree

I still remember that our backyard was used to be filled with different types of trees. Those trees were very helpful in taking most of the flood water every time there was a storm. Whenever I feel hungry, its fruits satisfy my hunger. Some of them were sturdy enough for me to climb up to our rooftop. But now out last tree has been destroyed by the typhoon that passed early this morning.
Thank God we already had electricity since last night after the storm has passed. Strong winds were felt signaling the wrath of the typhoon. By the time I got up from bed, it was already sunny. I went to our backyard and I was surprised that the last tree that we have was already destroyed. It almost fell towards the other house but good thing it didnt fell off. My dad was able to trim some of the branches to lessen the stress of the tree. These are the pictures that I took after the storm.




Now there are no more trees in our backyard. Right now, I miss the good memories playing in our backyard. But I will do my best to provide the same kind of backyard to my future family for them to enjoy.

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