Friday, October 30

Trust No One

After watching Survivor for the past few days with Marlon's (former Season 1 Castaway) entry to demonize the remaining castoffs, I realized that its only a game but they should trust no one.
Marlon tried to talk to each castoff to know their insights and at the same time, try to advise them that even though its only a game, they should trust no one. After Amanda won the last immunity challenge, Shaun tried to solidify his alliance with Justine to vote Mika out of the game. Actually, He tried to form an alliance with Justine after he won the reward challenge and assured her of a possible top 2 spot in the end game even if he knew he had a little chance of winning in the end.
By tribal council, all of them knew to trust no one. It even took a while before the voting commence since Paolo asked several questions to the remaining castoffs as the Jury remain observant. Since Mika was given a red pearl last tribal council, she already had 2 votes. But that wasn't enough as Shaun was voted out with 5 votes to 3 making him the 5th member of the jury. With only 5 castoffs and 2 weeks before the finale, who would emerge as the sole survivor for Season 2?

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