Monday, October 19

After 103 Days

Ive decided to stop taking pictures after going 103 days of capturing pictures. Its not because I've lost interest nor I don't have anymore ideas what and where to shoot. But rather, I was a little bit worried about my DSLR after shooting yesterday at San Sebastian Church in Manila. My plan was just to shoot the interiors and exteriors of the church but when I got there, I didn't only witness not one but two weddings. I saw Atty Fortun there who takes photos there (Im sure the bride is from w@w) as well as Sen Chiz Escudero (probably one of the Principal Sponsors). While shooting, I noticed my Camera wont auto-focus even on well lit places as well even if my distance with the subject is fairly far enough.

I went back to my fiancee's home to check. The problem still occurs randomly. Meaning, I could still take pictures using auto-focus at some point in time. She even said that the camera could have been busted but I disagreed because I could still take photos using manual-focus. I even tried it when I got home but was still there. It could have been with my lens or I guess, my DSLR needs to rest for a while.

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