Monday, July 29

Marien 365: Week 44 (Day 302 - 308)

Day 302: She wants to watch the morning news as she tries to grab the remote control.

Day 302

Day 303: Having her tantrums again.  

Day 303

Day 304: Taken at 12:30am, just when I got home from work.

Day 304

Day 304: Taken at 9:30am, when she decides to get up and pick-up her mom's phone.

Day 304

Day 305: Taken a few minutes past 1:00am. Its picth-black but I tried my camera's high-iso setting of 12800 and f/1.8. I just forgot to take note of the shutter speed that time. XD

Day 305

Day 306: My baby's 10th month with her mom.

Day 306

Day 306: Her 10th cake before her first birthday.

Day 306

Day 307: Looks up wanting to go home perhaps.

Day 307

Day 308: Half-asleep?

Day 308

Week 45 is up next. XD  

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