Sunday, June 9

Marien 365: Week 34 (Day 232 - 238)

Day 232: Our bed is her playground

Day 232

Day 233: That's one unique pose she did.

Day 233

Day 233: Her last shot using a Canon EOS Rebel XSi before it died on me that night.  Her next set of pictures would be what I could call "The Dark Ages"

Day 233

Day 234: As I start to shoot using our old point and shoot camera, I am expecting this results as I haven't been using it since my DLSR died on me. I guess I had to get used to it for now and try maximize its potentials. Anyway, if take good pictures of our daughter, my wife could buy me a replacement XD. And I hope I could also upgrade this old digicam to a Canon Powershot G12.

Day 234

Day 235: No pictures please. XD

Day 235

Day 236: Having a digicam isn't that bad after all. I could take pictures of Migmig upclose with me in it too. Well partially XD.

Day 236

Day 237: One of her outdoor shots while having her regular dose of Vitamin D. XD

Day 237

Day 238: I have her stroller at times when carrying her for a long time would burden my arms and shoulders. Imagine how heavy she is at only 8 months. XD

Day 238

For the next few week, I'll be showing some pictures from an old digicam. Let me know if it has a big difference with the ones most people use nowadays (DSLR). 

See you soon!

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