Sunday, May 5

Marien 365: Week 27 (Day 183 - 189)

Note: These pictures were taken between April 2011 to April 2012 so they're not new anymore =P

Day 183: Her 6th cake for the year. 

Day 183

Day 183: After her doctor gave us the go signal to give her solid food, we had her try to see if she likes it. And she liked it eventually. 

Day 183

Day 184: The morning after.

Day 184

Day 185: Do not Disturb. Baby is sleeping. XD

Day 185

Day 186: I was suppose to take a picture of her not looking. But she felt that I am home so she looked back.

Day 186

Day 187: I got closer before taking her picture because she might fall off from our bed. 

Day 187

Day 187: When my wife leaves Migmig by her lonesome, she makes sure to surround the bed with pillows. When I got up to our room, she's awake and probably looking for her mom.

Day 187

Day 188: My wife used this photo as her wallpaper on our laptop.

Day 188

Day 188: One of her "gigil" moments that my wife really liked.

Day 188

Day 189: My wife was still sleeping (as always) as I took this photo. I find it a bit reddish but I don't mind.

Day 189

Week 28 up next. XD

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