Tuesday, February 5

The Week That Was (January 27 - February 2)

Sunday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I started to go online. Then I went down to buy Sunday's paper and read them before my daughter gets up. Then, my wife wanted to go somewhere so we decided to go to Edsa Shrine first to have mass. Migmig fell asleep while the mass was in progress until she got up just before it ended. Then we went to SM Megamall to hang-out as we went to Starbucks first. We spend the rest of the afternoon there before looking for a place to eat. Initially, I wanted Fish and Chips with Wings but when I saw the buffet offered by Chef's Quarter, I had to convince my wife to dine there. It didn't took me that long for her to say yes and we enjoyed their dinner. If I had my camera with me, I could have took a lot of pictures of the food as well as my wife and daughter. But I still have plenty of time to do it anyway. When were on our way home, Migmig fell asleep at 8:00pm and until we got home, she didn't open her eyes. I guess she must have been tired with all that running and all that laughing. I went out to go online before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early at almost 6:30am as I went online and continue rebuilding our laptop. Migmig got up a few hours later then we went down to have some breakfast. Then I was able to go online as soon as she fell asleep. The day was pretty much the same though except for receiving a text message from company #2 saying that my scheduled interview with the COO would be the next day. But they mentioned that I need to review about the Bookmarker post. I asked my wife to look for it but I couldn't seem to find a decent answer about it. I slept at around 1:00am as I'm still thinking of what it is.

Tuesday: Got up at past 7:00am as I slept late last night. I just got up when I heard the dogs bark continuously, my mom paid us a visit as Migmig got up early as well. The morning was pretty much fast as I got to do some things before leaving for an interview with the COO of company #2. I left at past 11:00am and did a quick stop at Faburrito near RCBC Tower. But they called my phone to remind me of the interview so I decided to have my lunch after the interview. I was able to arrive on time for my final interview with their COO. He seems to be a nice guy and a bit laid-back as I answered most of his questions. The interview went well as I had free coffee courtesy of the office. We were informed about the decision by tonight and all three of us applicants have left the building. I went to Faburrito located at the other building to have my late lunch. I ordered their famous burrito and spend the next hour there. If I would get hired, I may write a blog about my experience there. Then, I walked my way to the MRT from RCBC Tower (a good 15 minute-walk) as I head home. Migmig was already awake as I got home and I took over from Nanay so she could do other things. We spent the rest of the day together before her mom arrived. I was able to go out and go online before going back home. Then I got an SMS message saying I passed my interview with the COO and I had to come back for the job offer. I'm hoping they could give me a good offer for me to start anew and start better.

Wednesday: Got up at 6:15am as I went online for a while before getting ready to head back to Makati for the job offer. I left home at almost 8:00am and went straight to Manang's first for breakfast. I missed having breakfast there especially with 3 cups of rice plus their fried chicken to start my day. Then Company #2 called saying the job offer is at 11:00am (contrary to their text sent to me to be scheduled at 10:30am). With some time to spare, I went to SM MOA to buy myself a pen and strolled around before heading straight to Ayala in Makati. I got there at 11:15am and the job offer started. I got to speak with their HR Manager and handed me the job offer. I was really shocked to find out that they are giving me more than what I asked for. I signed the job offer without any hesitation then the other HR explained to me the things I need to submit and they gave me a week to complete them. For starters, she told me to have my medical exam and hopefully finish it within thr day. When I got to their accredited center, the assistant had me fill-up some forms and asked me to come back at 1:00pm since I got there close to lunchtime. I spent the next hour at Starbucks located at Aegis Building just across RCBC Tower. I had a healthy lunch so I could fare well in the exams. By 1:00pm, I got back and had myself checked physically. First, my BP hits the 160/100 mark again which is not good. It could be with the warm weather as I feel dizzy at times. Then I had to go to the laboratory to give them some samples. I gave them almost all except for one (stool) so I had to remind myself to submit it as soon as possible. Then I had to take another BP which went down a little (140/100). The doctor told me to better take care of myself or else, I will be sorry. She's right. I guess I need to take care of myself seriously so I could see my daughter grow old and grow old with my wife. I got home in the afternoon and it was my turn to take care of my growing baby. I was able to go online outside before finally calling it a day.

Thursday: Got up at past 7:15am as I don't feel well. Probably it was from yesterday's activity as I had my pre-employment medical exam the previous day. I went online for a couple of minutes before Migmig got up. We went downstairs so we could have some breakfast while she plays with her mom's tablet (this makes her busy and for us to do other things). After her bath, we went upstairs so Nanay can do other things while I put my baby to sleep. Once she slept, I fell asleep and slept for an hour before I got to do other things. Though one thing that bothers me at the moment is that I still don't feel well until late in the afternoon when she got up again. The day was pretty much okay as I got to go online at night before going to bed but not after going online again at home when my wife was sleeping soundly. XD

Friday: Got up at 6:15am as I went down to do some stretching before taking a bath as I head-off to Makati to submit my sample. Going there didn't take me that long, however, I can't seem to produce a sample so I went to Starbucks to chill-out with some hot chocolate. An hour later, I went to RCBC Tower to submit my sample as I was able to produce one successfully. After that, I had my photo taken as I make sure I have a 1x1 and a 2x2 photo of myself for future use. I walked my way to Ayala for the 3rd time this week to stroll around and to look for some stuff that I may use when I started working again. I got home at past 11:00am and just in time, my wife was getting ready for work. Nanay gave Migmig a bath before I put her to sleep at 1:00pm. I went online again in the afternoon before my baby got up and wanted to go out. I granted her wish and let her play with a few little kids who happen to play outside as well. Then I went out again to go online until I went to bed at past midnight.

Saturday: Got up at 6:00am as I need to be at QCMC before 8:00am so I could attend the Blogger's Tour for the Horticulture Society's Gardening with a heart (I'll write a blog about this). I arrived at our meeting place at 7:45am when Lawrence decided to lead us to the Charito Planas Gardens for the tour. I had lunch with them after the tour before we parted ways at past 12:30pm. Then, I head off to Glorietta Activity Center where the Photoworld Asia 2013 was being held (I'll write a blog about this). When I got there an hour later, I just stayed there for about an hour collecting brochures before leaving. I had to a quick stop to buy some magazines before taking a cab home. I went online for a few minutes as I need to print some vouchers before heading home. Migmig was up and awake so I too her from her mom so she could do some work. I made sure to feed my daughter before going out for some fresh air and so she could run around. My daughter had dinner while I skipped mine since there was no food cooked that night. I went to bed early as I feel pretty much tired already.

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