Sunday, February 3

Swabeng Thoughts: Photoworld Asia 2013 (Revisited)

Yesterday, I got a chance to go back to the Glorietta Activity Center to attend the Photoworld Asia 2013. I missed it last year but I made sure I would be able to attend the event this year. Again, I'll be going there as a mere spectator as I don't have the funds to attend the 5-7 day convention yet nor the funds to upgrade my current gear.

It was almost the same as of recent years except that there are lectures at some booths plus the same old model-shoot sponsored by some of the leading camera manufacturers. I just simply roam around the area for some camera bags and some digital cameras as I wanted to get one to lessen my burden of carrying my Canon 7D whenever I go out and shoot. XD

I just stayed there close to an hour as I just collected some brochures that may fancy me in the near future. I'm sure once I got a job, I could buy some upgrades for me or better yet, attend their convention next year. XD

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