Sunday, January 27

The Week That Was (January 20 - 26)

Sunday: Got up at almost 7:00am and I went online to edit some backlogs for posting. Good thing I got to post a few before Migmig got up and decided to have a daddy-baby bonding time. Then by noon, I left to attend the FHM Autograph Signing with Marian Rivera as their covergirl. When I got to Robinsons Galeria at 1:30pm, the line was already long so I had my lunch first before joining the crowd. By the time our magazines got signed and had our photo-ops, I chill at Serenitea and shared our stories and catch-up with one another. I bought some "pasalubong" from Cinnabon before going home. I was able to spend the rest of the evening with them before going to bed. 

Monday: Got up at 7:00am as I celebrate my birthday today. Well nothing special about it except that I'll be a year older XD. I went online for a short time before I took a bath and got ready to meet my mom at SM Mall of Asia as I take Migmig with me. We left home at past 9:00am and got there an hour later. We stroll around the Hypermart while waiting for my mom as I looked for some good finds before going home later. When my mom arrived, we looked for a decent place to eat until we got at Burgoo. I used their calendar card to get a 500-pesos off on our food purchase. After lunch, I did some grocery before hailing a cab to go home. When we got home at 2:30pm, Migmig was still sleepy until we went upstairs so she could get some more sleep. Instead, I was the one who fell asleep as I got really tired from strolling the mall even for only less than 3 hours. We went down at 5:00pm and I got to go to church at almost 6:00pm to give thanks to our Creator for giving me another year. Its just an ordinary night for me as only my wife knows it was my birthday XD. I also got a text message about my next interview with company #2 at 10:00am the next day and I prepared for that day. 

Tuesday: Got up early at 6:00am as I have a scheduled interview with company #2 at 10:00am. I wasted no time in getting ready and made sure everything is set. By 8:00am, I left home and took the LRT to Cubao. I grabbed a planner from CBTL for my wife to use (I'll write a blog about this). With LRT's queue so long, I took the bus going to Makati. I got late only by a few minutes before my interview started. It was an interview with the IT Supervisor as he gave me insights on how their IT works. With their schedules and shifts he asked me if I'm okay with that and I said yes. After the interview, I went to the bank to do some transactions when I missed a call. It was company #2 that called. Thinking of what would it be, I return the call and they asked me to come back for the exam. I got back and they asked me to go to their quarters to take the exam. Most (or most probably all) of their workstations are Macs and I got my baptism of fire to use it the first time. They gave me a two-hour exam that I got to finish within an hour. It was a tricky and challenging exam but nonetheless, I answered all questions. After the exam, I went to Glorietta to have lunch there before finally going home (I made some stops at Gateway along the way). When I got home, Migmig was fast asleep but got awake when she heard Nanay's voice as she asked me a question. For the second day, my daughter was the one who put me to sleep before we went down at 5:00pm. The rest of the night was pretty much the same except that I got to edit a few photos of the event I attended last Sunday. 

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:00am as the weather was still chilly. My wife got up early and got ready for work as I uploaded some photos I edited the night before. I even had a haircut before taking a bath. By noon, when I opened the laptop, it didn't boot properly and it took me to the recovery page. I tried repairing it (with the knowledge of losing all my files) but it gave me more problems. Nanay mentioned that Migmig opened the laptop as she tried to unplug its power source (its already been unplugged  from the extension socket). I did my best to keep calm despite my daughter's mischievousness that its becoming a habit day by day. I didn't scold her as she doesn't even know what she's doing yet. I had her put to sleep at 2:00pm as I started sorting some stuff before someone called me. Its a company that I have applied with and the conversation was pretty much okay except for the salary offer. Its way too low from what I used to have. Migmig got up with that noise and unfortunately for the third straight day, she slept for only less than an hour. Well I did my best not to scold my daughter for a day's mischief that she made. She's only a child and more importantly, our baby that has no knowledge of what i right or wrong. By 5:00pm, I went to my wife's office together with our laptop and showed her the exact problem. She was already in contact with Asus' technicians and I got to speak with her as well to elaborate the problem were having. I left her office early to be with Migmig and spent the rest of the evening contemplating on the amount of files that I may lose. 

Thursday: Got up at 6:30am but I went back to sleep since we have a dead laptop which I can't work on this morning. Then I woke up at 8:00am while my wife and daughter got up after. I wanted to have the laptop fixed as quickly as we can so we could start back working. Migmig and I went to SM Megamall and arrived there a few minutes past 10:00am. We went to Aseanic first to have the laptop checked which happens to be that no one knew the people we spoke with yesterday and pointed us to ASUSWorld. We showed them the exact problem before they pulled-out the hard drive for back-up. I went to some but they don't back-up data. When we found the store that can back-up our hard drive but it seems that our hard drive cannot be detected anymore. Well, I had no choice but to accept the fact that some of my shots (and documents) will be lost forever once OSRI (Operating System Re-Install) has started. We had lunch at Yabu and tried one of their new dishes. I didn't like it that much as my mom's version is a lot tastier. We went back to Asus to give back the hard drive so they could start to do the repair. We went out to stroll some more but my daughter fell asleep all of a sudden. I went to Mondo Juice to spend the next few hours there as they have a quiet ambiance plus a wider couch where I can put my daughter there. I just read some magazines to kill time and used my wife's tablet that is beginning to be mine and Migmig's. My daughter got up at past 3:30pm which was a good time to feed her some snacks. By 4:00pm, we went back to ASUSWorld to check the laptop and it was already fixed but all files there (not backed-up) were lost forever. I checked my external hard drive to see how much files I could still retrieve and so far, I have a lot of things to do. We took a cab going home and got home at past 5:00pm. I left home again at past 6:00pm as I attend FBW's dinner at Napa in Tomas Morato (I'll write a blog about this). When I was about to take photos of the food and the ambiance, I forgot my CF card with me. Well my Thursday is really bad and I hope I could get this over with. The dinner was great complemented by good company as I got to catch-up with some of them. I took a cab home and went online for an hour before finally calling it a day. I just hope that this would be the last time I'd be having a bad and stressful day. XD

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am and I started working online but I have to start from scratch as most of my files were deleted (never backed-up). Two of my most important files were deleted which were my updated resume and my updated gant chart. I don't mind losing other files but I got depressed losing those two. Migmig got up early at past 8:00am and she started her day. By noon, I started using the laptop again and this time, I installed an Anti-Virus Software as well as some requested by my wife. Internet connection keeps on dropping-off that made me a bit upset. I got to sort some files from our external hard drive and transfer some of them to the laptop (mostly pictures) for me to edit within the next few days. As for my two beloved documents, I have to start from scratch and mack it up on my USB Drive every often. I think I need five 32GB USB thumbs and another three 16GB CF Cards for redundancy and more storage in the future. Then by that time, I can save up now for another 1TB external hard drive. to make sure that incident will never happen again. Good thing my baby slept a little longer this afternoon  that  gave me enough time to do some things I need to do. The rest of the day was pretty much okay as Migmig was pretty mischievous until bedtime. 

Saturday: Got up at 6:30am as I started to go online. I tried installing Adobe Reader X and (XI) but I'm having problems completing it. It may have something to do with our internet connection but hopefully I could finish this. Migmig got up early so I took her down for her to have breakfast. Then after her bath, I went out to go online before going back to have lunch. I took a nap together with Migmig and we went down at around 5:00pm. I made sure she got her snack and milk so she don't get hungry. Then we went out to visit Nanay and for my baby to have ample time for exercise. She even got to play with someone her age and she seems liking it. When we got back, it seems that she got hungry again so she had dinner with me on the same plate. I went online again for almost 2 hours before going back and went to bed late. XD

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