Thursday, January 24

Swabeng Thoughts: Lost Memories and Making New Ones

As of this writing, I have already lost almost 300GB of files that are mostly composed of pictures and a few documents. Its an event that never in my wildest dreams that will ever happen, happened yesterday. We just had our laptop reformatted and restored to its factory default settings manually. Which means some of the preloaded software that came with the laptop was also gone. 

As I turn on the laptop yesterday (Nanay said that my daughter turn on the laptop and closed the lid), I noticed that it was going on a different screen (Windows Recovery). I felt there is something wrong with it. I tried doing a repair but it didn't seem to push through. I told this to my wife about this incident so she won't be surprised. Well, I can't blame my daughter as I guess she's very eager to learn a new things at a very fast pace. 

As far as I could remember, the picture files that I've lost would translate to almost 100 new blog posts (mostly photoblogs) and a few family shots that may not happen again. Even though I back-up my files on a regular basis, I got too complacent and didn't back up the last batch of photos that I took for the past 3-4 months dating from the last week of September until last week of January. Also, I've lost my updated resume and my gant chart both of them are up to date. =(

By the time I get back home (I'm online at a nearby cafe), my wife will be installing her own applications inline with her work. I'd do my part by tomorrow and make sure my daughter would be preoccupied with something else. Finishing my backlogs may slow down for a while as I make sure to edit all of the remaining shots I made before finally storing it to my external hd. 

I'm not new at this situation as I encountered a similar one a couple of years back. Its hard to get this over with but I know I would and I will make sure of a few things. 

1. Whenever I transfer files from my CF Card to the laptop, I'll make sure to create and save a back-up on my external hd (hard drive). I'll get a few 32GB USB Thumb Drives for redundancy which is better than being sorry. 

2. Though I can't recover some of my shots that has to do with special moments, this would be a perfect excuse to do it again. Plus I can re-shoot some of my stuff at home that I did before. 

And at the end of the day, whatever has lost can be remade though it may never be the same with the one you lost. Its better this way than wallow in pity and do nothing. 

Well, time to go to bed now. The past few days got really stressful and I need as much sleep as I can get. 

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