Saturday, January 12

FHM and Me (My entry to FHM 150 contest)

Swabeng Disclaimer: This is my entry to FHM 150th issue contest where I hope I could win tickets to the FHM 150 party happening on the 28th of January. 

FHM Philippines and I have a history way back more than a decade ago (2000) when I was in college. I recall getting my first copy (FHM #4: Lene Nystrom) and after browsing through its pages (and finding out that Jana Victoria is indeed hot), I decided to look for other copies. I didn't mind getting hungry at times just to save up for a copy despite the measly allowance I’m receiving when I was still in school. I was able to get a copy of FHM #2 (Sunshine Cruz) and FHM #3 (Jennifer Lopez) but I couldn’t seem to find Issue #1 (Alicia Silverstone).

Life went on until I graduated and passed the board exam in 2001 while collecting FHM on a monthly basis. While I started working on earning on my own, my FHM collection grew as time flies, yet my collection was still incomplete without Issue #1. Almost a decade after I started collecting FHM, I got into several relationships which most of them don’t like the idea of me collecting FHM (sorry ladies, this one matters more than you do). Luckily I got married to my wife who likes FHM as much as I do and she understood that FHM is not just all about babes, booties and boobies.

Luck seems to be on my side when I was able to get the missing piece of my FHM collection, Issue #1. I didn't mind paying 2000% of its original cost as long as my hands would hold on to this very hard to find issue. I even wrote down a blog about it to show my appreciation to FHM and let the whole world know that my collection is now complete and still growing. 

The missing piece of the puzzle

I was also hoping my wife would give me a son so I could pass my collection to him. Instead, she gave me a daughter but it didn’t matter since she’ll inherit all of them anyway. And I hope she'd pass it on to the next generation so they would be able to learn and enjoy as much as I do in my lifetime.

I still continue to collect FHM (as well as its supplemental issues) job or no job and I do look forward to the next ten, twenty years or even longer.

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