Tuesday, December 4

The Week That Was (November 25 - December 1)

Sunday: Got up early but instead of going online in the morning, I bought Sunday's paper and I was able to read them right before Migmig got up. The morning was almost the same as I made sure I put Migmig to her morning nap after her bath. I was suppose to edit some pictures but since I feel sleepy, I dozed-off and got up by the time my daughter got up as well. By the time we both got up, my wife wanted to go out and I decided to head-off to Robinson By the time we got there, I looked for Powerbooks but unfortunately, their branch there already pulled-off. For dinner, we had Hainanese Chicken from The Chicken Rice Shop. Though for the past few weeks, I wasn't able to blog any of our food experience as I have yet to post my 2012 foodtrips with my wife and baby. We took a cab home and spend the rest of the night. I went online again to do my jobhunt and I think I slept at almost 3:00am again XD.

Monday: Got up at around 8:00am so I could go online and manually download some old pictures from multiply. My daughter got up at almost 9:00am as the weather gets hotter and hotter and its almost Christmas time. After her bath, I was able to put my baby to bed and she got up at almost 1:30pm which is fine by me. By 2:30pm, Migmig and I went to Harrison Plaza to visit my mom. We just took an ordinary ride going there and let her walk a few meters before meeting my mom. Then I had my late lunch at Chowking before going to SM so my mom could buy some toys for her grandchild. Migmig wanted a doll worth almost a thousand pesos but I told her to get the other one that is less expensive though my mom has more than enough money to buy Migmig that doll. Then we took a cab going home and my baby fell asleep on my shoulder only to get up by the time I put her to bed for a few minutes. We enjoyed the rest of the night as Migmig played with all of her new toys bought this afternoon.

Tuesday: I was bale to get-up before 8:00am and started to download some old pictures manually from multiply. I made sure I was able to put Migmig to sleep before getting dressed and ready. I left home at 1:00pm for Makati and got to Chihuahua at almost 2:30pm for my late lunch (I'll write a blog about it). I left Chihuahua full and a bit dizzy as I browsed for some books at both Fully Booked and Powerbooks within the Greenbelt Area. Then I took a bus to BGC to check some more books at Fully Booked. That branch could make me stay from opening till closing with all interesting books to read at. I mean I could take Migmig with me and I would still enjoy it there. Feeling a little bit sleepy, I had my caffaine fix at Starbucks for a few minutes before going to Jamba Juice to chill. I was able to relax and update my 2012 expenses before finally heading home. To my surprise, Migmig was still up waiting for me so I freshen up and head to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at around 8:00am as my body is still feeling the fatigue from yesterday. I was able to go online for a few minutes before Migmig got up. I bought pandesal for breakfast as we started our day. Migmig slept at past 12:00pm and got up almost 2 hours later. I went to Chowking to have lunch there before going online for an hour. When I got back, Migmig was upstairs with her aunt as I was able to watch TV. The night was almost the same with the others as I spend it with them.

Thursday: Got up at past 8:00am as I'm having a hard time getting up with only a few hours of sleep. I did some morning rituals before taking Migmig out for a walk and had breakfast at Jollibee. She ate a lot as she keeps on touching the food. When we got back home at 9:30am, I was surprised that my wife was still sleeping. She left home a bit late which made our daughter a bit cranky as she throws tantrums left and right. After putting my daughter to sleep, I went to Netopia in SM Centerpoint to download some pictures from multiply. I was able to download all old pictures using our old point-and-shoot but with old photos using DSLR, this could be a challenge. I was able to download a few sets until the connection went slow. Then I logged-off to have my late lunch at Bonchon. When I got home, the door was locked and I guess they're fast asleep so I downloaded some more at a nearby cafe which yielded better results. I got back home at 8:00pm and spend the rest of the night with them.

Friday: Got up at 7:00am as I need to do a few things for today. First, I went to Digiprint to have 2 of my pictures printed but they're closed on a holiday. So I decided to head off to SM Mall of Asia to see where I can go to. I had some coffee at Starbucks to keep me awake and charge my batteries at the same time. By 10:00am, I went to SMX to attend the 20th Defense and Arms Sporting Show and Manila Auto Salon which was held at the hall itself (I'll create two separate blogs for them). By 12:00pm, I had mongolian barbeque for lunch and spent the next hour there before going back to SMX. For some reason, I left the venue at 3:00pm and grabbed a Jamba Juice before going home. I made sure to pass by SM Manila to claim some doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. But heavy traffic was waiting for me since there was an ongoing rally at Mendiola (I took a mental note not to miss this next year). When I got home, I made sure to spend time with my baby until I went to bed.

Saturday: Got up at 6:00am so I could go online and catch up. Migmig got up at past 8:00am and I took her with me to digiprint to have my photo printed. When I finally got my print, I was somehow satisfied with one of my print though I felt that I need to work more on the other one. Then we took a cab back home and had late breakfast at Jollibee. Then after Migmig took her bath, it was my turn as I need to head to Edsa Shangri-La Mall for the Book Signing of Stanley Chi's Pogi Points (I'll write a blog about this). But I need to put Migmig to sleep first for me to go ahead only to get up at 1:00pm (I felt that I slept for a couple of minutes as well XD). I had lunch outside before taking an FX ride to the venue. By 6:00pm, I looked for a place to eat only to end up at Masuki in SM Megamall. Then I took an FX ride back home to spend the rest of the night with my family.

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