Sunday, December 9

The Week That Was (December 2 - 8)

Sunday: Got up early so I could go online for a few minutes before getting myself Sunday's paper. Then my wife left for Divisoria before I took off to Don Enrique Heights Clubhouse for our annual Christmas Party with Sir Jo. I just made sure Migmig was taken care of by her aunts who paid us a visit. Going to the event venue was easy except that at Don Enrique Heights Village, they don't let public transportation in so I took a cab just to get in. I was able to reach the clubhouse by 1:00pm and secured a seat for myself plus I got my "Pangit pangit pangit..." shirt as well. Had some lunch and snacks c/o Goldilocks and a few bottles of beer. The party was fun though I only won a Schutzen Notebook and almost got included in the final 15 of our print exchange. After the event, I head home but not without having coffee at Starbucks along the way. When I got home, I noticed that my wife and baby was not there so I went to Nanay's store and they were spending the entire afternoon outside. Our evening were spent at home awaiting for next week.

Monday: Got up at around 8:00am as my body still aches from yesterday's activity. After my usual morning routine, I took a bath and got ready as I need to have my wife's Globe SIM replaced with a new one retaining her old number. By the time I got to SM Megamall at 1:30pm, I had a quick lunch at Bar-B-King. I seem to like their selection as I may soon take my wife and Migmig with me there to enjoy some of their food. Then, I was able to find the frame that I need at SM Megamall and all I need is to find the place to have it gift wrapped. I head off to Globe Wireless center at the Cyberzone only to find out that they don't have the SIM that has a corresponding code to my wife's number. Then, I head off to Podium to try my luck there but to no avail. Next stop, Robinson's Galeria. Fortunately, they have the SIM that I need and I hope its working. Then I head back to SM Megamall to have my wife's portrait framed and wrapped for our 3rd anniversary. Then, I got to meet a few bloggers behind Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW). I didn't stay there for long as I had to go home before my wife does XD.

Tuesday: Got up at around 8:00am after hitting the snooze button twice (6:00am and 7:00am). Though I slept early, my body seem to want to get some more sleep. I was able to go online for a few minutes before Migmig got up. Then I took her to Jollibee so she could have some breakfast. We got back at almost 10:00am as my wife was getting ready for work. By 12:00pm, Migmig fell asleep again. She slept for around 3 hours which helped me go online and do some work uninterrupted. By 3:00pm, we went down so she could have her lunch. I went out to have my lunch before going back home. Since her aunt will be going some where, I took care of Migmig for the rest of the afternoon as we tried getting some sleep. We went out so we could get some cool air and to let her run around with my supervision. We got to spend the rest of the night back home as my daughter was still in hyper-mode XD.

Wednesday: Got up at around 6:00am as I try to get started and go online early as I have a lot of things to be done. By 3:30pm, I went to SM Manila to buy some groceries for my baby and at the same time, kill some time. I got back home at past 5:00pm as Migmig didn't sleep in the afternoon. We decided to wait for her mom outside when Migmig fell asleep on my shoulders. My wife was surprised to find out that Migmig was sleeping on my shoulders for almost 30 minutes and she carried her upstairs.

Thursday: Got up at 7:00am as I still feel the chills from last nights aircon. I did some morning rituals before going online until Migmig gets up. Then I was able to put her to sleep until 1:30pm where we need to go to Robinson's Galeria to have my wife's sim replaced again. When we got to the mall, we had our lunch first at Bonchon, making sure my daughter gets her fill first. Then we went to Globe only to find out that my wife's sim wasn't registered that's why it wasn't working even after its replaced. After that, we strolled around the mall particularly at the bookstore. With time not on our side, we took a bus ride going to Cubao then an LRT ride to Katipunan before taking a tricycle going to my wife's office to surprise her. Well, she wasn't expecting us as she's pretty busy with work. It was supposed to be a fun day but as my wife was busy at work, I can't help it but feel frustrated. Maybe I won't do it again moving forward and instead live that day normally as is. Migmig and I were suppose to go home instead but my wife left work as been told by her boss to comfort Migmig who was crying at that time as her mom was busy with work. We just had dinner at Mom and Tina's though they didn't have any high-chairs for toddlers. When we got home, I made sure that my invite for Friday's EB was already printed when my wife told me there's no one to take care of Migmig the next day.

Friday: Got up at past 9:00am as my body still feels the fatigue from yesterday's activities. Migmig got up late at 9:30am which affects everyone's chores including mine. I was able to put Migmig to sleep at 2:00pm after scolding her for excessive "kakulitan" (bad daddy bad!). Good thing my sister-in-law arrived home early from her interview. Then I got myself ready to cover the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide First Grand EB at SM Megamall (I'll write a blog about this). I had to pass by Bo's Coffee at Robinson's Galeria to get mt caffaine fix and keep me awake while covering the event. By the time I got home at 11:00pm, my wife told me that our daughter fall asleep crying while waiting for the both of us at 10:00pm (my wife came home also late at 10:30pm).

Saturday: I had to get up at 6:45am so I could go online and do some catching-up. When Migmig got up, I took her down so she could have breakfast. Her mom was the one who put her to sleep while I went out to go online to update some blogs and upload some old pictures from Multiply. I took care of Migmig late in the afternoon till early evening as I need to be at Tides in Mandaluyong to attend FHM Bullboard's Christmas Party. The last time I attended this event was 4 years ago when most of us were still single. It was nice to see old faces as well as new ones. I kinda missed getting more than 2 bottles of beer and enjoying the company of old friends and I hope I could attend next year. We ended at around 1:30am with me winning two tickets to the Pacquiao-Marquez 4 match at the Elbow Room. I got home at 2:00am and had a late dinner before finally going to bed at 3:00am.

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