Wednesday, November 7

The week that was (October 28 - November 3)

Sunday: By 2:00pm, we head off to SM Megamall to pick-up my sister-in-law's tablet. When we got there, we had to get something to eat so we tried Eat and Go. Their food is pretty affordable and servings are quite good. When we got back to ASUS, unfortunately, the tablet needs motherboard replacement meaning reformatting it didn't work either. To console ourselves, we had coffee at Starbucks before heading home and spend the rest of the night.

Monday: At 7:00am, I got to go online to check some of my stuff and do some blog-hopping as well.I was able to do some until my daughter got up at around 9:00am. I made sure my baby got more than enough exercise before she takes her bath and spend some more time upstairs. I didn't put her to sleep right away but somehow, she slept all my herself making me free to go online XD. After Migmig got up in the afternoon, we went down so she could have lunch as I went out to go online for a few more hours. I got back at past 5:00pm so I could take of Migmig until my wife arrives.

By 7:00am, I'm already up and awake as I went online again.  When Migmig got up from her nap, I took her down for lunch then I followed a few minutes later. Since my sister-in-law would be out in the afternoon, I took Migmig out to SM Manila to spend the afternoon there. We head off to the national bookstore to look for some books. It seems that she likes books and she already knows how to put them back in their respective shelves. Then we had merienda at Bonchon to kill some more time. I let her try some chicken wings and she liked it. After our snack, I went online for a couple of minutes before going back to the national bookstore to buy the two sidetrip issues that I fancy. I hope this would start my desire to visit places in the Philippines XD. Good thing I was able to catch the bus home as Migmig was already sleepy. She took a quick nap on my shoulders and got awake when we got home. The night was pretty much fine as I enjoyed it with my family. 

Wednesday: Got up a little bit late at 7:30am as I did my morning rituals before going online. When my baby got up, I let her play downstairs for a couple of minutes. Nanay was the one who give Migmig a bath since my wife was needed at work early. I was able to put her to sleep early again which made me free. When she got up, I took her down so I could try to fix our ceiling. Unfortunately, it was already brittle so I had to remove some parts to prevent the entire ceiling from falling down. By 5:00pm, Migmig fell asleep again and this time, I joined her. By the time we got up, we spend the rest of the day enjoying her childhood. 

Thursday: I had a hard time getting up early even if I had set my alarm to 5:30am. Eventually, I got up an hour later (6:30am). I didn't waste any time in getting ready to visit my departed relatives back home in Batangas. I leave home at 7:00am and head straight to the south. I got to Malvar Cemetery at at past 10:30am and started to look for their respective tombs. I was able to visit them within an hour before going to my mom's old house for lunch. I was able to go online there though the internet connection was slow. Then I went to my dad's place in Bugtong and fortunately he's there. I got to spend some time with him before going back to Manila. When I got to Manila, I felt famished so I stopped by and look for burgers until I ended up at Mc Donald's. When I got home, I took a breather before going online again until midnight. XD

Friday: For the second straight day, I had to get up early as I have to go home this time to San Pedro to unload some of my magazines collected here and get the rest of my clothes to be used for the next couple of months. I just put my walking shorts on then I'm ready. By 8:00am, I'm back home and started my things to do. Good thing my mom had some cooked meal when I got there that helped me save some money. When they have left to visit our departed relatives, I was able to finish sorting stuff and packing some clothes to take back home. When I got back home, Migmig was just about to got to sleep so I joined her until she went to sleep. I went online for an hour or two probably to keep myself updated. The afternoon and evening went just the same as I went out to go online till past midnight before going home and get some rest

Saturday: And for the third straight day, I got up early at 6:00am to go online. This time, I had nowhere to go but stay here at home and get some enough rest. I should get some sleep early instead of sleeping at past midnight for me not to get sluggish at noon. I woke my wife early as she needs to go to Divisoria to purchase some stuff leaving the baby sitting chores to me for the entire morning. When Migmig got up, I let her play for a few minutes before we went down to have her walk and play more. Nanay was the one ho gave our baby a bath before we went back up and spend some quality ti
me. My wife got back home a few minutes past noon. I had to put my baby to sleep so I could go online uninterrupted for atleast 2 hours. Then my wife and her folks decided to go to Robinson's Magnolia so we dressed-up and went there after my baby got up. We spend a few hours there as Migmig love to ride the escalator. We had our early dinner at Kenny Roger's as my wife was worried about my baby getting hungry. We ordered their combo meals to get the most out of it before we continue strolling around the mall. When we got home, I went out to go online until midnight and when I got home, I continue to be online until 2:00am the next day.

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