Monday, November 12

The Week That Was (Nov 4 - 10)

Sunday: Migmig got up early when I was about to edit some pictures. Instead, we went out to visit Nanay before having breakfast at Jollibee. The entire day was pretty much the same for the past few days though. We basically spend the entire afternoon at home before I took my baby out to have a walk. Then my wife got home early from Divisoria and she wanted to hear mass so we attended the mass even if we got in late. After mass, we bought some native snacks before going home to spend the rest of the day. I went out again to go online before joining my wife and kid in bed.

Monday: Got up a little bit early as I was suppose to do edit some pictures. Unfortunately, Migmig got up early too so instead, we went out and visited Nanay and I bought some snacks at 7-11 for my baby to enjoy before going back home to spend the rest of the morning. After Migmig took her bath, I was able to go online before getting ready for my first interview this week but I had to put Migmig to sleep first. When I was getting dressed, my baby got up and cried all of a sudden as she was looking for me and my wife. I wanted to comfort her but I let my sister in law take care of it. I took an LRT ride to Cubao and had a stop over at Fully Booked for some magazines and books and Starbucks so I could have some frap and start collecting stickers for my 7th Starbucks Planner (I'll write a blog about this). After coffee, I took the bus going to Makati for my interview at Stefanini. I got there at 4:00pm and waited for my exam and interview and left at past 7:00pm. I had dinner at Chicboy and another round of coffee before going home vis the LRT 1-2 route. When I got home at 10:00pm, my baby was still up and awake so I joined her to bed as I feel tired as well.

Tuesday: Got up early though I wasn't able to go online as my mom paid us a visit and Migmig got up early as well. I had to leave home at 11:00am since I need to be at Mc Kinley at 1:00pm. I took the LRT2 ride stopping at Starbucks in Gateway before getting an MRT ride. When I got to the Magallanes station, I was looking for a shuttle going to Mc Kinley but I wasn't able to get one. With almost little time left, I took a cab and got to Cognizant at 1:00pm. Well another waiting game again as I had to wait for my turn before my interview. Good thing they have TV in the waiting area to keep us occupied. Then I was interviewed by one of the recruiting team asking for some details about my resume. After that, I have to wait again before another phone interview. After the second interview, I was told to come back at 6:00pm so at 4:00, I went out to have late lunch somewhere. I ended up having my late lunch at Sinangag Express and had another round of coffee at Starbucks before going back to Cognizant at 6:00pm. My final interview was with an Indian National and it was a pretty short interview. I asked some question regarding the position I'll be handling if ever I get hired. Then I had to wait again before I would know the result. When its my turn again, I found out that the last interview didn't went well hence I'm not hired. When the recruiter asked me if I'm interested in another position, I told her I'm only interested for the IT Helpdesk post. She checked my papers and found out that the other recruiter profiled me for the Technical Helpdesk post which is a TSR post in a call center. She apologized about it and she told me that I'll be receiving a call from India regarding for the position I applied. I left the building at 7:00pm as I head straight home. I got to take a new route going home as I board on a jeep to Guadalupe and a bus to SM Megamall. I had to go online to have some papers printed before finally reaching home.

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:00am and I went online for a couple of minutes before going down to get ready for my 3rd interview this week. I left home at 9:00am and took an FX ride to Ortigas as I have to drop off somewhere to look for that building. While looking, I found a Starbucks and decided to relax for a while as I'm still ahead of time. Then I was able to locate the building and head up to EnfraUSA. The place was pretty much deserted thinking that they only work at nights except for the HR and Recruiting team. What I liked about this company is that they would let you fill up some information using a computer instead of writing it down on a form. Their tests are pretty much easy as it only consists of English Comprehension and Typing Speed. After I'm done, the interview started. The interview was a combination of my resume and technical interview that at one point, my interviewer wanted to fully understand why I left E-Telecare in 2009. I told him my reason yet we lingered on that question for around 5-10 minutes. Eventually, the interview went fine as I was asked to be back at 1:30pm for another interview. I went to Podium to look for a good place to eat but with limited time, I went back to EnfraUSA and wait for my second interview. When my turn came, the series of questions were the same with the first. I guess they really wanted to validate my answers and at the end of the interview, the interviewer gave me a background on what their IT Helpdesk do (They are more concentrated on Active Directory Management, Virus Removal and PC Configuration for both Windows and Mac). By 2:30pm, I went back to The Podium to have my late lunch at Madeca which serves Mexican cuisine. The ones I got are really good and they really fill my tummy up. Then, I went to SM Megamall to spend some more time before finally going home. By night time, I went online for an hour before heading back to get that much needed rest. ^_^

Thursday: Got up a bit late at 7:30am as I don't have any scheduled interviews for today. I had breakfast and did my morning rituals before going up to go online for a couple of minutes. I took Migmig down for a walk at Nanay's store before spending the rest of my morning at home. Once my baby have slept, I went online for almost 2 hours before she got up again. While I'm online, my wife told me she wanted to go out after work so I made sure me and my baby are prepared and I looked for a good place to eat. We left home at 4:00pm and it was about to rain that time. Thank God it didn't on the first half of our trip. Rain began to fell when we got to Katipunan and with no umbrella, my baby got a little bit wet. My wife's boss was not around when we got there, probably the reason why my wife wanted us to go there. We spend some time at her office until 7:00pm. It was still raining outside when we went down and our plans have to be on the other side. Instead, we had dinner at Gateway's food court before finally going home. I had to go online again at 11:30pm as my wife asked me to check her cafeland by 12:30am. I did as well as check some of my stuff there before going to sleep at 1:00am.

Friday: Got up again at past 7:00am and did some morning rituals before going online. By 1:00pm, my daughter is fast asleep and I was able to to go online without any interruption for a couple more minutes. I got ready and went to SM Megamall to buy diapers for my baby and look for a quiet place to update my journal. When I got to SM Megamall, I went to Powerbooks just to look around until I saw this Journal that wanted me to buy it then and there. Probably, I will sometime before the year ends. Then I went to Dad's to have their merienda buffet and made sure I got my money well spent. Then I went to Starbucks hoping there would be available seats but to no avail. Instead, I bought my daughter some diapers before going home. From there, I went online for 2 more hours before finally going to bed.

Saturday: Got up at almost 7:00am as it took me a while to get up from bed. I went online to do some updates as well as read some more blogs as well. Suddenly, Migmig got up so I cut my online time till 8:00am. We went out to visit Nanay before having breakfast at Jollibee. She was able to eat as much as she could as we went back home and spend the rest of the morning there. I was able to take a bath after my baby did and then after putting her to sleep, I used my laptop to edit some pictures and make some updates. So far, I've edited 2 sets for 2011 which means I've got a few more to go. XD When my daughter got up, I tried to get some sleep but I was having a hard time getting to sleep until my wife wanted to take Migmig back up before she turn on the aircon. We spent the entire afternoon there as before we went down. I went out to do some things but it was cut short by my wife so I had to go back home to take care of my baby. We went out to visit Nanay as they are closing for the day. Then we went back home so I could put my baby to bed. Then I took a bath and got ready for tomorrow's Prison Riot in Taal as I left home a few minutes before midnight. 

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