Tuesday, September 25

The week that was (September 16 - 22)

Sunday: Got up and took Migmig up for a walk before having breakfast at 7-11. For a change, we had a different environment as me and my daughter spend some Daddy-Baby time before going back home. After her mom took Migmig and gave her a bath, I went out to buy some stuff at SM Centerpoint though I'm having a hard time walking with a right sore foot. When I got back, Migmig just fell asleep so I joined her till she woke up. The rest of the afternoon was pretty boring as I went online in the afternoon outside before having a merienda of congee. At night, I did some laundry as well as reading Sunday's paper before going to bed.

Monday: I got up pretty early at almost 7:00am as I'll try to apply for an SSS ID after two and a half years. I had breakfast first of congee with egg before walking along Legarda to SSS. My wife told me that her sister applied for an ID there so I had to give it a try as well. The process didn't take me that long as I just had to convert my weight and height before having my picture taken and doing a digital signature of mine. I got back at almost 9:00am as I took care of Migmig right away. After Migmig got her bath, I was able to go online but only for less than 2 hours before she got up and wanted to go down. She had her lunch with Nanay while I was able to have my own lunch. Then, her aunt took the chores of taking care of her later in the afternoon and took her back upstairs for her afternoon nap. I got some snacks at Mc Donald's and spent some time there before ordering some more for the folks back home. Migmig was awake by the time I got back so I gave her some french fries before her mom arrives. I went online at 9:00pm and almost two hours later, we put our baby to sleep. At first she didn't want to until her mom moved to another room so she could finish her work leaving our baby crying almost non-stop. Good thing I was able to put her to sleep in a few minutes before getting some sleep again. Had to be awake at past 1:00am as I need to check my games before heading back to sleep.

Tuesday: My mom paid us a visit as I got up when I heard her voice. She took Migmig down as I got to do some morning rituals. After she left, we went outside to have some fun in the sun before getting back in time for her bath. I am tasked to put my daughter to sleep in the morning so my wife could get ready for work. I fell asleep again and got to my senses at past 12:30pm. I didn't rush because I need to take my laptop with me to edit some photos in the office. I took a quick stop at 7-11 in Buendia to grab 2 pieces of siopao since my tummy started to grumble already. I arrived late at almost 3:00pm as my colleagues from the morning were wrapping up. My boss gave me a special task that took some time away from my post-processing and doing other things but anyway, I got to do most of them. I had dinner at Jollibee since I need to do as much work as I can so I could lessen my work load when my last day comes. I took a cab after my shift and went online for a few more minutes before finally going to bed.

Wednesday: Since I slept at past 3:00am, I only had less than 5 hours of sleep before I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. But I think my daughter still enjoyed it though she knows I'm still sleepy. I did got in the office late again but it doesn't matter anyway. I've been multitasking at my best. Doing work while editing photos at the same time plus checking my wife's game every now and then XD. I had my snack at Soup Kitchen which I haven't visited in recent weeks. I made sure I enjoyed my soup and salad combination to keep me nourished and awake for the entire shift. For dinner, I wanted Hainanese Chicken at Wai Nam Kee but heavy rains made it hard for me to go there. Even with my jacket with me, I got really soaked in the rain going to Ayala Triangle Garden. But alas, the resto was already closed at 9:00pm (they usually close at 10:00pm) so I got pissed-off and had Jollibee again for the second straight night. When I got back in the office, I was so drenched in the rain I wanted to take all my clothes off and dry-up. Well I tried to have my shoes dry-up as much a possible before calling it a day and took a cab home.

Thursday: My eyes got open before 6:00am as Migmig was hungry for Milk so I prepared her bottle before going back to sleep. Then, we all got up at past 8:00am as I feel pretty much okay. My daughter and I went out to have a walk as well as have a session at Mc Donald's where she uses the spoon and fork again. I think she's pretty cranky as she didn't finish her food plus she flip her container upside down. Well, I just have to be more patient and teach her more. We went back home as her mom just finished taking a bath. She gave a bath to our baby after before we went upstairs. I was able to go online for a couple of minutes before getting ready for work. I grabbed some Iced Mocha at Krispy Kreme and some lunch at Jollibee before heading to work just in time. I made sure my task as well as other things are finished before doing other things to enjoy. For dinner, I went to Persia Grill to have some kebabs probably for the last time before heading back to the office. After shift, I took a cab going home making sure I could still go online for a few more minutes before going to bed. But before I went to bed, I made sure I sent my RSVP email to sir Jo for the upcoming lecture next week.

Friday: Me and my daughter had breakfast of Siopao and Slurpee at 7-11 after doing some walking in the neighborhood. I tried putting her to sleep early but it took me a while and I fell asleep for a couple of minutes. I didn't take my laptop with me since I'll be the only one on shift. I had lunch outside before taking the LRT2-MRT ride to work. I passed by Tribal Gear to buy my Dutdutan ticket and I was also able to buy their Dutdutan 2012 shirt (XL) thought I felt that its pretty tight on the belly (you know I have a big belly). I arrived in the office a few minutes before 3:00pm as I declare No-Work Day for me (just kidding =P). Actually, the day was pretty slow as I just watched some videos and work on some of my pending blog entries. For dinner, I went to BFast to enjoy some local wagyu as I thought they already closed down for renovations. I didn't stay long there as I had to do other things in the office. Actually, I did a few more tickets before calling it a day and do some of my online work XD.

Saturday: Got up at past 7:30am though I had less than 5 hours of sleep (3:00am). I was able to take Migmig out even if the weather was pretty much warm already. We had pancakes for breakfast at Mc Donald's as my little daughter seems to have already an admirer by kissing her cheeks (Hmmmm. NO can do boy!). We made sure to kill as much time as possible so my wife could finish all chores that she needs to finish. After my daughter took a bath, it was my turn to get ready not for work but to attend something else =P. I had lunch at Manang's in Intramuros before heading off to Asian Institute of Management to attend the Social Good Summit: Manila (I'll write a blog about this). Then I immediately took a cab going to Alphaland Mall at Magallanes to attend the Pinoy_Blogfest 3.0 (I'll write a blog about this). By 9:00am, I took a cab going to the office to go online and check some of my tabs and have my mobile phone charged before going home at past 12:00am.

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