Wednesday, July 4

My Second Social Media Day Experience

When I got to Tea 101, I just had myself soaking wet no thanks to the map I got XD. Though I've attended another Social Media Day event at The Ayala Triangle Garden, I felt that most people there didn't have the liberty to socialize as much as they could. Probably the big space of the venue for the event plus with so many sponsors could be one of the culprit why people were spaced-out and pre-occuppied. XD

So much for what happened during the first SMD 2012. Now for the 2nd SMD (Social Media Day). 

And as I entered Tea 101, I got to meet a lot of people from different walks of life with different ideas but share the same social media addiction. With the rise in popularity of teas and milk teas  everyone of us got our stomachs full with unlimited refills. 

Spearheaded by King Del Rosario, we started the program with an interactive activity that requires us to meet new people. It was really fun meeting new people and seeing old ones as well. I liked his speech on how we should occupy social media in the country and comparing it to occupying Wall Street. 

Top-notch director Jose Javier Reyes also gave us an inspirational talk on an awful truth why we have friends on facebook and twitter the fact that we should live outside the virtual world and enjoy it to the fullest. The friends we have online may not be the same when were offline. 

At the end of the event, I really enjoyed good company, good drinks and a new sense of enlightenment that is The Social Media. 

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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