Monday, March 5

The week that was (February 19 - March 3)

Sunday: Got up at 7:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk before taking her back to her mom. Then I felt a little bit dizzy and sleepy so I took a few minutes of nap. After our baby took her bath, I was able to put her to sleep as my wife went online. By 11:30am, I went out to go online for an hour before going back home to enjoy the afternoon. My wife wanted to go out somewhere. I prefer staying home and rest. So I won and we just attended the 4:00pm mass before going to my mom-in-law's shop. We stayed there for a while before we had some snacks at Mc Donalds. Our daughter is getting more and more curious with her surroundings as she keeps on smiling and gives us gestures that made me feel comfortable. As we went back home, my wife put our baby to sleep so she could get enough energy for the next day. I joined them at past midnight and went to bed as well.

Monday: Got up at 7:00am again and took Migmig our for a walk. I told my wife's cousin to accompany me to The Medical City for Migmig's vaccine. We left early at around 9:30am and got to the hospital 30-45 minutes later. We had to wait for at least an hour before my daughter was being checked by her Pediatrician. As usual, at the sight of her doctor, she cried so loud again and she cried for a while before we were able to pacify her. After her check-up, we took a cab going to Katipunan to pay her mom a visit. While were on our way, I noticed this building that has several food establishments that probably I haven't seen before. After giving Migmig to her mom, we had our late lunch at Manang's just below their office before going back up. Since my wife's office doesn't have any space for our daughter to sleep at, we took turns in carrying her so she could get some sleep even for a couple of minutes only. I was able to go online for a couple of minutes and I was shocked that the latest cover of FHM March 2012 will be replaced as some people see it as a form of racism. I couldn't help it but share my thoughts on this and rant about how people are being too sensitive. I was also able to go down to NBS to check on some photography books there as well as buy my wife a drink from SBC. By 7:00pm, we went home and got home 45 minutes later. We were able to get ourselves comfortable as we tried putting Migmig to sleep and my wife was successful. I slept at past midnight and look forward for the next day.

Tuesday: Got up a few minutes before 7:00am as I really fell the lack of sleep from last night. I took Migmig out for a walk for a couple of minutes before going back home. When we got back, I feel very very weak and sleepy and I had to get a few hours of sleep before reporting for work. I had a quick lunch first before taking the LRT2-MRT route as I anticipate a very heavy traffic (Since INC has a Bible Exposition at the Quirino Grandstand and at least 2 million followers are expected to be there) if I take the three-bus route. I may arrive at the office late. I was able to get to work on time but my colleague wasn't able to report for work as he got stuck in a traffic jam caused by that event. Hence, I have to work solo. I wasn't able to have lunch until 9:30pm as I had to anticipate a possible phone call and some email requests that I need to address right away. I just grabbed some chicken from Bonchon and had it in the office. I was able to enjoy the rest of my shift before leaving the office at exactly 11:00pm. I wasn't able to get a bus as most of the bus were already full at the time that the bus hits our location. Hence, I went to SBC to claim my free drink and spend some time there until traffic subsides. I took a cab going home and got home at past 12:30am. My wife was fast asleep and so is my baby. I joined them a few minutes later since I'm so tired and weary.  

Wednesday: Got up a few minutes past 7:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk. Despite my swollen left foot, I tried to keep up with my daughter as she keeps on running, sometimes it makes me twist my left foot which really hurts. I got to go online in the morning and told my colleagues that I won't be able to report for work. By 12:30pm, I turn-off the laptop and got dressed as I went to Robinson's Galeria to look for some photography books and use some of my vouchers from my coffee planners. I was able to look for some photography books at National Book Store. I've seen some copies that I may buy in the near future but the one I was looking for was not there. Then for lunch, I went to Hainanese Delight and eat to my heart's content. Then I grabbed a cheese cake from CBTL and a drink from Starbucks before taking the bus home. There were some moments that I fell asleep and I didn't noticed that I'm home already. I took Migmig out again as her Aunt prepares to go home before going back home at almost 7:00pm. I took her upstairs so she could crawl and practice standing up until her mom came. Form there she took over as I went down to watch some news. I joined them again a few minutes past midnight. With the day I spent home, somehow, I felt a little better and I hope it continues until I fully recovered. 

Thursday: Got up at past 7:00am as I was able to sleep comfortably last night (thanks to air-conditioning). I took Migmig out but I had her walk at home since the sun was up high already. I went online again for a couple of minutes before I decided to transfer my files from CF card to our laptop. Again, transferring files which includes videos took me almost 3 hours before I was able to leave for office. I took the LRT2-MRT so I won't be late for long. But it took me a while as I had to wait for my drink at Chatime at Gateway. I got in the office at almost 2:45pm and started working. Work was quite okay as I got to answer several emails and respond to some comment exchanges and +1's from a blogger's group in facebook. For dinner, I tried dining at Persia Grill. Their food was really good as I sweat a lot enjoing the spiciness of the food. Then I went to Fully Booked to look for a photography book, but instead, I bought a different one and they told me the other copy located at a different branch will be transferred to Glorietta 5. I might buy two photography books this month so that I don't have to buy one next month (need to save for my daughter's birthday this April). When I got back, I had to create some windows accounts that was suppose to be created by my colleagues from the night-shift. I left the office at almost 11:30pm and took a cab as I'm quite sleepy. When I got home, my wife was fast asleep as she was tired for the entire day, I turn on our aircon to make our room more cooler before going to bed.

Friday: Got up at past 7:30am as I got another good night sleep despite that I had only slept for less than 7 hours. We went out again for some fun in the sun but I didn't take her walker as the sun was quite hot. Then we went back as I set-up our laptop and all of a sudden, there was a power interruption. So I went to Llanas to do some groceries before going back. Thank God, electricity was restored so I got to continue updating my blog. I left home early to have lunch at a cafeteria near our place. I took the three-bus route as I don't want my legs to get tired. When I checked my account whether or not I already have my paycheck, I was surprised that my paycheck was quite huge compared with my previous paycheck. I got in the office with enough time to spare and started working. I'm usually inspired to work smarter whenever I get my paycheck so I started with some tickets XD.By 7:00pm, I went out again to have dinner at Persia Grill for the second straight night. I splurged a little bit to fully enjoy their Persian Cuisine. If they only have high-chairs there, I could take my wife and Migmig with me too. After dinner, I strolled around Greenbelt before going nack to the office. I had to take care of one more client before calling it a day. For whatever reason, I grabbed something to eat at Mc Donalds though I'm not that hungry. I got home at almost 1:00am as my wife and daughter were fast asleep. I turned on the aircon and took a shower before joining them in bed.

Saturday: I got up at past 6:30am as my wife woke me up so early (she even asked me to turn off the aircon as early as 4:30am). I was able to take Migmig out for a walk and I kept on bending down to put her shoes back on as she keeps on taking it off. When we got back, we tried to put her to sleep but she cried as she wants to play more. So her mom took her downstairs and I got to take an hour of nap or two, getting up at almost 11:00am. Then I got myself ready for work as I took a bath and had lunch before leaving at almost 12:30pm. I took the LRT2-MRT route and made a quick stop at Chatime before heading for office. I got there with a few minutes to spare but we don't have internet. WTF! No internet on a Saturday shift. I was hoping I could edit some of my blogs that time. When my boss came to work, he did some troubleshooting and we had internet again. However, I got a bit distracted with work so I wasn't able to do much blogging I went out in the afternoon to pay our internet bill. I got a call before having my dinner at past 8:00pm. When I went out again to look for a place to eat, my back was hurting so terribly I felt like walking like a duck. Eventually, I ended eating again at Pepper Lunch but this time, I choose a more affordable meal. It was again delicious and I'm looking forward to have dinner there again next Satudray XD. I didn't went back to the office as I had to walk slowly. By 11:30pm, I logged-out for home as I take a cab since my back pain was so unbearable  I could hardly walk. By the time I got home my wife was still online and I turned on the aircon again before making myself comfortable before joining them in bed.


  1. These rants are super long! But thanks for sharing your daily rants and continue inspiring others like me! :)

  2. ang daming nangyari ah! thanks Mark! :)


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