Wednesday, February 1

Which phone for me to choose next?

Its been more than 4 years since I got my Nokia N73 Music Edition, and I think it will only be a matter of time before I would tell my wife that I need to get a new phone. I know my phone still works and I don't really need some functions that I could use on my PC. I just hope my wife would say yes to my plea of getting a new phone soon XD.

Whether I like it or not, smartphones are the most used mobile phones today. Aside from its call and text features, it has a lot of applications that are so useful and entertaining at the same time.

As of the moment, here are my options (I ruled out cheap phones and those that aren't user friendly as well XD).

1. Blackberry 9900

Taken from Google

2. Apple's I-Phone 4s

Taken from Google

Taken from Google

Until I could be financially free, I could still use my Nokia N73 Black Edition before getting myself a new phone XD.

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