Sunday, January 8

The week that was (January 1 - 7)

This would be the first this 2012. Though I'm thinking of creating a separate blog domain for my weekly journey, I'd rather stick to the one I have right now as having another domain may take so much time out of me. XD

Sunday: Got up early for the first day of 2012. Migmig was up as well so I took her out for a walk. Me and my wife got ready to go home to San Pedro to visit my folks there. It would be Migmig’s first and my wife’s first since her last visit a year ago. With a lot of stuff were carrying, we took a cab going to the bus station. We got home at 10:30am or so as I got really hungry. Food was quite abundant as my sisters prepared some for the New Year. We spent some time in my mom’s room as she played and got a bit confused since it was her first time to visit. I unpacked some magazines that I brought and sorted them out By night time, Migmig had a hard time sleeping due to colds which also includes stuffy nose. We forgot to take her nasal aspirator with us so I had to go out and look for one (we were suppose to get some sleep early but we weren’t able to do that). First I head to Alabang but to no avail. I head down south to Biñan and luckily, I found one as the drugstore was about to close. It pains me to see my daughter suffering so much from the sudden change in temperature because of travelling. When she fell asleep, we thought that we were good to go but we were wrong. She cried out loud like never before. He mom tried to expel the mucus from our baby’s nose but I felt that she got traumatized from that incident. My mom took over and put our baby to sleep on her shoulders. I felt sad and helpless that we weren’t able to comfort our baby. My mom tried to put her down between us but she cried all of a sudden. Leaving no other choice, my mom was up all night (I think) and put our baby to sleep.

Monday: I got up at almost 8:00am after that sleepless night. Migmig was still on my mom’s shoulder. She was about to put her to my shoulders when she got awake and cried again. She was hungry so I had to feed her and changer her diapers at the same time. My wife got up a few minutes later and kissed our daughter. That was the first time Migmig didn’t slept between us and we will make sure that would be the last as a baby. I tried putting her to sleep but she played instead. Before 12:00pm, we have already left home bound for our Manila home. By 2:30pm or so, were back. We put Migmig to sleep while my wife went online. I wanted to get some sleep but I couldn't due to persistent colds. I went to the bank to settle some payments (I got to purchase 3 vouchers of The Frazzled Cook from Cashcash Pinoy) before passing by at Ministop to get something to eat. I came back and tried to sleep but I wasn't able to get some sleep. I went online while my wife took care of our daughter. I slept probably past 1:00am or so.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 9:00am as my body yearned for more. I wasn’t able to take Migmig out as the sun was quite high already. I left home early so I won’t get late for my first day of work for 2012. I got in the office an hour ahead and I went out to have lunch. I went to SBC first to have some drinks and have my card stamped for my final planner. I still have 9 more stickers to fill-out and I only have until January 22 to get my final planner. At Landmark’s foodcourt, I had lunch at Savory Chicken and really got my stomach full. Work was quite bountiful as I got several calls from EMEA and another one regarding user’s outlook. Though I wasn’t able to resolve it, I know I would be able to find a way to fix it somehow.I had dinner with me to save some money for the year as I only have 9 more months to enjoy my work here at Greif. After my shift, I went straight home to be with my wife and baby.

Wednesday: Got up at around 9:00am as the weather was really cold which wanted me to sleep some more plus the fact that I had to get more sleep to regain my strength. I got to leave home early again and took the bus to work. I got in the office at around 1:00pm which was an hour ahead of my shift. I went to Greenbelt 3 to have lunch at Café Havana as they have this lunch buffet for 500 pesos. Lunch was really good as I plan to go there every month or probably every week to enjoy their food and its cozy atmosphere. Then I went back to office and set-up my PC for work. Again I wasn’t able to resolve the issue I’m working on since Tuesday. But I got to do some tickets to make it up for that poor performance on the other issue. For dinner, I had the same food as yesterday XD. Since we didn't still have internet in the office, I had to be contented with watching the same movie and update some of my entries via the draft. After my shift, I got to go straight home as I feel sleepy already XD.

Thursday: Got up at around 7:30am as my mom paid us a visit. She wanted to see her grandchild and at the same time, she bought some milk for her. After she have left, we slept for an hour and got up at 9:30am. I was suppose to go online but since Migmig got up, we just went down and spent some quality time together.By 11:30am, I left early but I went online at an internet cafe near home for 40 minutes before taking my LRT2-MRT ride. Still I got in the office just in time for work. I got to do some tickets and Thank God, we have our internet connection back, which means, back to normal now XD. Back to doing a lot of non-work stuff again and that includes blogging XD.For dinner, I went to Greenbelt to look for a good place to eat, but after an hour of searching, I ended up at Elar-Z near our office. After my shift, I took a cab so I could be home early.

Friday: Got up at past 8:00am and I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. Then I had a quick bite at 7-11 to jump start my day before taking Migmig back to her mom. Then we went back upstairs to get a nap that took us an hour probably as our baby wanted to play with us first. I got up again at 11:15am and got myself ready for work. I passed by Chatime for some milktea and at SBC for my coffee fix but it took me almost 15 minutes to have my drink (Bad Service). Again, I got in the office just in the nick of time. Work was quite ok as I got to fix several tickets and answered a call. as well. For dinner, I bought 2 full bowl soups from The Soup Kitchen to complement it with my meal. It was really a fulfilling meal as my tummy got stuffed XD. Played 8-ball online as I got into a roller coaster ride. By 11:30pm, I went to SBC to chill-out and claim my 5th and final planner (I'll write a blog about it soon). It was rather a short stay as I took a cab home by midnight. I wanted to edit some pictures until 2:00am but my wife was still using the laptop so I just went to bed and get some sleep.

Saturday: Got up at around 9:00am as the weather prevented me from going up. Then I went out and had a quick snack at Ministop before buying some groceries at Llanas. Migmig was a bit cranky as she feels sleepy already. After feeding her and putting her to sleep, it was my turn to get ready for work. I left my 2012 planners behind and took with me my old 2011 planner to write down my expenses last year as well as my newly purchased photography book for me to read when I got bored. I took the LRT2-MRT route with a pit stop at Chatime to have some milk tea. I got in the office with a few minutes to spare. Since its a Saturday, I expected that there would be no calls. But I was wrong. I got two calls from the EMEA region which I was able to resolve both of them. Though most of the time, I am online doing a lot of things that is not IT-related XD. After my dinner, I felt I was craving for real food so I went to KFC first but the one that I'm craving for is not available. So the next thing for me was to go to ATG (Ayala Triangle Garden) and grab a burger at CBD Cheesesteak. Their burger was really good and I'm looking forward to go back there (provided there would be a groupon for this). I stayed a little longer in the office as I logged-off at 11:30pm and took a bus going home. It didn't took me an hour to get home and there was a concert within our neighborhood but I decided to skip and head straight home. I wanted to edit some photos but again, my wife was using our laptop.

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