Tuesday, January 10

Twenty-Twelve: Be better

It’s time to start the year right and to be better than last year. As I leave twenty eleven behind, I will leave bad memories but I’ll be taking experiences that made me a better person for twenty twelve.

1. Be a better husband to my wife and a better dad to Migmig: Well, I'd probably spend more time with them as much as I can but I will leave some time for myself and my hobby (photography that is XD). I'll make sure I would attend to their needs even if its late at night or very early in the morning.

2. Be a better photographer: How? By taking more interesting photos of places, events and people (particularly my child). I may still miss out some events as I don't have a DSLR with me to use as well as I need to do some daddy duties if the need arises. 

3. Be better in doing post-process editing: I'll make sure to edit old pictures little by little now that we have a helping hand in taking care of our baby. Probably 2-3 hours per day will do for now. Also, I'd try to do other techniques to enhance my skills and to complement it with my updating photography skills XD. I hope I would be able to use my LR3 and try to get CS5 as well.

4. Be better in managing our financial resources: This one, I have to do much improvement. My wife really hated me for being too extravagant on food (don't blame me. I love good food XD) and she hopes I would do better this time. This would be one of the hardest part to achieve but I'll try and try harder. 

5. Be a better blogger: To start with, I have to finish all my pending entries (mostly food trips) and I have to include photos as well to make reading more fun and appealing. As much as I wanted to attend all blogger events, I have to be selective since I don't have the luxury of time. Also I'll do my best to be more sociable to my fellow bloggers for me to overcome my shyness in meeting other people (I doubt people would believe that I'm really shy XD). 

6. Be a better IT Professional: Having unlimited access to Facebook and other non-work related websites are really tempting XD. But I'll try to go to websites that has to do something with my work and make myself update with the latest trends. 

7. Be better in taking care of my health: Well at the start of this year, I've been having some slight health  issues as it prevents me from being at my peak. Though I got a remedy from most of them, it is still better to prevent them than look for its cure.

8. Be better in discovering new places within the Metro: Honestly, I feel that there is still a lot in Metro Manila that I need to discover by foot. I've been into the heart of Quiapo, Binondo, Intramuros, Malate among others but I feel that I need to go out and discover more. Maybe when I get a decent (Brand New) camera, I may do take a trip again.    

Do you have plans to be better this year?

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