Sunday, December 11

The week that was (December 4 - 10)

Sunday: Got up at almost 9:00am as it was raining outside and the cold weather prevented me from taking my daughter out for some fresh air. I bought Sunday's paper as well as Migmig's milk as it ran out in two weeks and a few days. I left home early and took a different route again. While passing through Gateway, I checked some shoes that are on sale and I saw some of the shoes that I'm eyeing to buy. Most of them are on 20-35% discount that really almost tempted me to buy the one that I saw.I got in the office just in time and rested for a few minutes before going out to buy some dinner for later. Then my colleagues from the  night shift won't be able to report which leaves me to decide whether I would go straight-shifts or not. I informed my boss about it and he told he he would fill-in. I told him I can handle double-shift but he insisted that he would come. Work was zero as I just killed time and my eyes began to fall.By 10:00pm, my boss came to work as areplacement for my colleagues who won't be able to report for the night. After my shift, I went to the nearest Seattle's Best Coffee shop to grab something to drink. I also checked their planner after seeing it in a blog a few hours back. After browsing it, I have to get this one which requires me 18 stickers (more or less 2000 pesos worth of drinks). Then I took a cab going home on a raininy Sunday night and I got home in 30 minutes. My wife was still up as I took a quick shower before going to bed.

Monday: Got up at almost 7:00am as Migmig was already awake. We went out but it was cold so I made sure my baby is well covered so she won't catch cold. We were out for an hour before we went back to bed to get some more sleep. Thank God the additional 2-hour sleep as it helped me in its own way for me not to get tired easily. I left home at past 12:30pm after having lunch at home (it really helps a lot to have lunch at home because it saves money XD) then took my usual LRT ride. I got in the office with plenty of time to spare. Work was quite ok as I got to do some tickets. One of our colleagues from the EMEA Region needed help from us which I obliged. It was a learning experience for me as I got to do tickets that are new to me and that I haven't done it before. I got to create some EMEA Request though there were some that I wasn't able to create due to some configuration issues with our system. Thank God one of our colleagues from the night shift was able to report for work giving us a sign of relief XD. By the time our shift ended, I went to CBTL at Ayala Triangle Garden to grab something to drink before going home. When I got home, I went online for a few more minutes and I noticed that I wasn't able to go to this certain group page (BMSD Moderators). I sent a message to the creator of the page and he said that I was removed from the group. He added that it was a unanimous decision to remove me as I didn't attended the meeting tonight (Of course how could I attend if I have work =P). I wasn't able to defend myself from them and state out my points. On the bright side, I could do other things as moderating our page was a bit too tasking for me, preventing me to do other things. 

Tuesday: Got up at around 7:30am as I took my daughter our for some fresh air. I was able to grab a drink from 7-11 before going back home. I told my wife to get up early so we could get going to SM Mall of Asia to celebrate our second anniversary there. We got there at around 1:00pm and went to PBCo to have our lunch there (I'll write a blog about this soon). After our lunch, we simply strolled around the mall and at the same time, look for some gifts for my Christmas Party come Friday but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one as they're pretty expensive. So we went back to the main mall and took some pictures with Migmig. It was her first time to visit SM MOA and so as my wife in more than a year. The afternoon was pretty much fun as we got to spend it together. By 6:00pm, we ended our day by having a cup of our hot drinks at SBC. I showed to my wife what their 2012 planner looks like and she likes it as well. We took a cab going home but it took us almost an hour to get home. It turned out that there was a rally which was a start of a possible 5-day rally at Mendiola. We were really tired but we enjoyed the day.

Wednesday: Got up at around 8:00am as the weather was really cold outside. I wasn't able to wake Migmig up since I had to some errands for the day. After going online for less than an hour, I went to Digiprint located at Times Plaza near Luneta Park to have my picture printed in time for print exchange later in the evening. I was quite satisfied with my print as it doesn't look dull. Then it was off to Robinson's place for me to buy some gifts for our upcoming Christmas Party in the office. I was able to buy three of the four gifts that I need. By lunchtime, I was looking for a good place to eat only to end up having lunch at Rack's ordering boneless ribs and clam chowder and went home really full. When I got home, I sorted the gifts that I bought and got myself ready to attend another Christmas Party c/o Jo Avila. I left home at past 3:30pm and took a stop at CBTL to grab some coffee to keep me up. When I got to Sir Jo's studio, there were people already exchanging pleasantries with one another as I registered for the event so I could get some freebies XD. I was able to get a back issue of DPP (#4) though I could have gotten 2 plus other freebies. Food was c/o Goldilocks and there were prizes to raffle off. Though I didn't win any of the ones I liked, I got some that could be useful to me in the near future. I left the party at around 10:30pm and took a cab heading home.

Thursday: Got up at 7:00am since I need to go to the hospital for my follow-up check-up (I have to schedule it a few days early). I got there by 7:45am and have my blood extracted to check my uric acid if it has already improved or not. While waiting for the result, I went online for probably two hours before I went back to the hospital and get the results. Somehow, my uric acid dramatically improved (lessen) but still, its above the specified limit. So the doctor told me what not to eat for the next 30 days and I have to continue my medication. When I got back home, Migmig was awake already being carried by her mom. I was able to carry her for a couple of minutes before her going to sleep. Then it was my turn to get ready for work as I left home at past 11:00am. I took a different route going to the office. When I got to the Ayala station of MRT, I went to SM Makati to buy some food for our daughter. Then I had lunch at World Chicken before reporting for work at 1:30pm. I was able to do some tickets as well as I got a single call that took me a while before resolving it as everyone was in a festive mood already. By dinner, I had World Chicken again as I bought Rogue's December issue to complete my collection. I got to play 8-Ball online while updating some of my blog entries. By the time my shift ended, I took some of the gifts that were meant to be mine. I stopped by CBTL at Ayala Triangle Garden to grab something to drink before heading home.

Friday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I took Migmig out for her daily dose of vitamin d again. After an hour, we went back and get a few more hours of sleep before getting up at almost 12:00pm. When it was my wife's turn to take care of our baby, I got to wrap my gifts for our Christmas Party at St Giles Hotel in Makati. I went online for a couple of minutes before I get ready to attend our Christmas Party. I left home at past 5:00pm and got there at around 7:30pm where most of my colleagues were already there. I started to take pictures of our event until one point, my camera got this error 99 again. It took me a while before eliminating that error. But I noticed every time I take a picture, half of my screen (lower part) went completely black with or without using flash. It dawned to me that the problem I'm having was the same problem my friend had a few months back. It made me worried a lot because I know I just got my new lens and I had to wait for at least a year to get a new camera body or even a new lens. I got some decent shots anyway so I didn't have to worry for now. After the party, we went to the nearest Rufo's to grab a few bottles of beer and catch-up with our personal lives. For me, this could be my last Christmas Party with them as I have to move somewhere else and move upward. I took a cab going home and got to our bed by 2:00am.

Saturday: Got up at 8:00am as my head was still a bit spinning from the alcohol the previous night. I was able to take Migmig out again for some sun while I went online for a couple of minutes. When we went back home, I went to Binondo to buy some Christmas gifts for my wife. I took a quick stop at Intramuros to have my breakfast there before walking all the way to Binondo. It took me a while to decide as my wife has some specifications for her gifts. I took a breather at SBC in Binondo while reading Saturday's paper and waiting for my wife's final specifications for her gifts. Once I got them, I went to the nearest Eng Bee Tin branch to grab a box of assorted hopia for my wife. Though I overspend for her gifts by about 200 pesos, I didn't mind as I know we would be able to have some of them. When I got back home again, Migmig was a little bit cranky and my wife hasn't done any of her morning rituals yet so I had to take care of our baby as I put her to sleep while bottle-feeding her. She was able to get some sleep and so am I. I got up at almost 2:00pm and I was suppose to get ready to attend another Christmas Party. But my wife was able to do something that prevented me from going out. This would be the 4th (or 5th) Saturday that I wasn't able to go out and take some pictures to hone my photography skills. I got to put Migmig to sleep again only to get up after 30 minutes or so. We went out again to her lola to get some cool crisp air. I had my snack at Mc Donalds as I got a bit hungry myself. While having my snack, its quite hard doing it while holding Migmig on my other hand plus she wants to grab everything she see's. When we got back, my wife was online and I tried putting her to sleep again. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time putting her to sleep. So my wife took over and I used the laptop to kill time and to console myself for not being able to go out to attend my photography group's Christmas Party.

Sorry for the long post here. XD

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