Sunday, December 18

The week that was (December 11 - 17)

Sunday: Got up at around 8:00am as I took my baby girl out again. Then I bought Sunday's paper and helped my wife took care of our baby before I leave for work. I took my usual LRT-MRT route which I got to the office early. I went to Greenbelt 2 to buy lunch at World Chicken. When I got back in the office, my colleague was not yet there only to find out that she won't be able to report for work, leaving me all alone for our mid-shift. My wife was also away as she attended a Christmas Party, leaving our baby under her mom's care. Work was quite light as I got an email and a call while thinking of my baby while her mommy is away. After my shift, I went to CBTL in Greenbelt 3 thinking it would be quiet. As I got there, it was packed with people and it took me a while before I got my order, before taking a bus going home.

Monday: Got up at 7:45am as I had to go to my mom to hand-off some stuff and do some grocery for Migmig's baby food. When I got back home, I helped my wife in taking care of our baby while she was having breakfast. We (me and Migmig) went out to buy her vitamins as her bottle ran out of supply. By 12:15pm, I left home for work and took the LRT-MRT route. For me its more convenient as I could walk long stretches which serves as my exercise XD. I got to the office ahead of schedule and started working on some tickets. For dinner, I had fish from banapple and froyo (frozen yogurt) from CBTL late as my colleague had her lunch first. Then I spent few more minutes before logging-off and went home.

Tuesday: Got up at around 7:30am and took my daughter out for some fun in the sun. We visited some churches in our neighborhood so I could have her familiarize with some images that most Catholics pray to. After that, we went back home and put her back to sleep beside her mommy. Thank God, she was able to fall asleep so quickly. I had to leave home early to go to Canon Service Center in Paseo de Magallanes to have my camera checked. The travel took me more then an hour and a half to get there.Once I got there, the environment was really cozy and spacious. There were items for sale which were quite pricey compared when purchased online or at Hidalgo. One of the reps told me that my camera had severe damages as I need to have its shutter assembly and CMOS replaced. Initial estimate would cost about 14,000 pesos which I got surprised. He said that the CMOS had scratches and cost for replacement was around 12,000 pesos. I told them that I have to think about it whether or not to proceed with the repair or I'd pull-out my unit. After my visit with Canon, I went straight to Glorietta to have lunch there. I picked Kim n' Chi to have lunch there as I tried their beef-bulgogi omu-rice. It was really fulfilling as my stomach got really stuffed. Finally, I passed by CBTL to get something to drink. I tried their iced tea and I find it refreshing. Work was really fine as I got some tickets to take care of. Before I went home, I grabbed something to eat at KFC near our office. That day was really a stuffed day for me literally before going to sleep XD.

Wednesday: Got up at past 8:30 and took Migmig out for a walk. I was suppose to get up earlier but I felt that my body needs a few more minutes of rest. We got to spend out time outside for an hour probably, we got back and tried to put her to sleep again. Unfortunately, she didn't sleep as she wanted to play more. We decided to use her stroller and she seem to enjoy it. It would really help our baby sit on her own so both of us (me and wifey) would be hands-free in doing other things. I got to feed her hands-free since she's sitting on her stroller. Though she may find it uncomfortable at fist, I know she'll get used to it. I left home after having lunch there and took the LRT2-1 route which gave me enough time to do other things as I got early in the office. By 7:00pm, I went to food choices at Glorietta 4 to grab some dinner. I had Beef Bulgogi Omu-Rice and Sukiyaki from Kim n' Chi. It was really a fulfilling dinner as my tummy got heavy before going back to the office XD. I got to work some more email while updating some blogs and playing 8-ball online before calling it a day XD.

Thursday: Got up at around 8:00pm as I played with Migmig in our room. It turned out to be that she wanted to go out and enjoy. She cried so loud that my wife and I had a little argument about it. Eventually, we went out at 10:00am and its cloudy so we enjoyed a few minutes of daddy-baby time. Thank God for her stroller, she's getting used to it as I feed her from there and she fell asleep in minutes. She got up after almost an hour and wanted to be with her mom. I left home at almost 12:30pm and took the LRT-MRT route and make sure I stopped by CBTL to have some iced tea and make sure that my stamps for their planner would be almost complete ( I need 3 more stamps XD). I got to the office with plenty of time to spare. I got a call from Belgium which I need to escalate as well as a chat from one of our outsourced partners which needed to be escalated as well. So far so good, except for my 8-ball online which I am on a losing streak again. Work was pretty much steady as I had lunch taken-out and had it in the office before finally calling it a week. 

Friday: Got up at 7:00am as my mom called through my cellphone saying she's downstairs. She got to spend a few minutes with Migmig before she went back to work. Then we went out to her other lola for some fun in the sun while I grabbed something to drink at 7-11. Then we went back home and tried putting her to sleep while my wife was online for an hour or two. We had to make the most out of the time our baby is sleeping so we won't get delayed with her check-up. As expected, we left home again at past 11:30am and got to the hospital at almost 1:00pm. Good thing it was my baby's turn as we just spent less than 10 minutes before we head to SM Megamall. It was a hot and humid afternoon when we got there. Once we got there, we had lunch at Cajun Red Rock as I had ribs and my wife, fish. After our late lunch, we looked for some tablets that my wife wanted to buy in the future. We also checked some laptops from Neo and there was a trade-in promo that we almost wanted to get. Unfortunately they don't transfer files for trade-in so we simply have to wait for a chance to get a new laptop. We also passed by at Pixel Pro to check some camera and I was surprised that the Canon 600D (body only) was sold for 38K cash (with 3-year pasrts and service warranty) compared with CMP at 42K. My wife told me why not get the Canon 7D from dbgadgets and I told her its still expensive compared to the other one I'm eying at. At the end of the afternoon, all 3 of us got tired as we got home. I went online for the rest of the night before finally going to sleep.

Saturday: Got up at 6:30am as I dress-up a little and head home to San Pedro. Going back there was a breeze as I had a quick breakfast at Jollibee. Once I got home, I unload all of the stuff from my bag and put it under my bed which I think it needs more space underneath XD. Then I left home at almost 11:00am but I had to stop by at an internet cafe to check my facebook among other things. I took the bus going to Lawton and thank God for the traffic I was able to get some sleep XD. By 2:00pm, I am already home as my wife and baby were fast asleep. I stayed home for the rest of the afternoon and went online. But we were having some difficulty in getting a good connection though eventually, we did at our bedroom. I went to bed ahead of my wife as she went online for a few more minutes.

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