Thursday, December 8

Swabeng Food Trip: Peanut Butter Heaven at PBCo

Last Tuesday, We decided to go out to SM Mall of Asia to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary with my wife and kid. When we got there, I know where to take them for lunch, Peanut Better Company or simply called PBCo. I have 3 vouchers with me worth 900 pesos of food.

Good thing the place was not packed with people as we took Migmig with us on a baby stroller and she's almost about to sleep.

While waiting for our food, I ordered a Cherry Coke (45 pesos), Cherry 7-Up (45 pesos) and a DK Pepper Cherry (pesos). For a change, I wanted something different to drink though my wife doesn't like it that much for its medicinal after-taste (tastes like cough syrup).

Drinks in Cherry Flavor

We got BBQ Wings (165 pesos) served next. Its drizzled in chili peanut butter after being tossed in a tomato-base chili sauce which makes it a hit to chicken wing lovers (including me). I hope they can take order by the dozen (or more).

 BBQ Wings

Then, we had a Box of Chips (65 pesos) with an extra Wasabi Mayo (35 pesos).The potatoes were perfectly fried to a crisp but not to the point of charring it. The wasabi mayo added an extra kick to the already seasoned potato slices. A bucket of these potato chips could really make my day. XD

Box of Chips. But where's the mayo? XD

Next was the Classic Spaghetti (136 pesos). For one, its pretty odd to have a peanut butter on your spaghetti but its loaded with sun-dried tomato peanut butter. And it tastes really good. I could pair it off with bread to make it a peanut butter and spaghetti sandwich. XD

Classic Spaghetti

Then, my wife had Fish N' Rice (135 pesos). I wasn't able to had enough bites of it but my wife seems to enjoy her fish with cucumber mayo sauce.

Fish N' Rice

For dessert, we had Half Cinnamon Apple Sandwich (75 pesos) and Half Marshmallow PB Sandwich (75 pesos). We had to take these two with us as we got already full from the food that we ate. XD

Cinnamon Apple Sandwich

Marshmallow PB Sandwich

And for sweet ending, we choose Greentea PB Choco Shake (185 pesos). For some reason, I should have chosen another one but since I haven't tried this before, we give this a go. Its actually a combination of green tea peanut butter, chocolate bits, and vanilla ice cream blended with ice.

Greentea PB Choco Shake

Not bad for a restaurant that served peanut butter on most of their food. My wife loved most of them and I hope we could visit PBCo when my daughter starts to walk. ^_^

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