Thursday, November 10

Reminders for the Canon Photomarathon 2011

Canon Photomarathon 2011 at PTTC

Its only 2 days more before the Canon Photomarathon for this year will commence. I remembered joining last year for the first time and I was overwhelmed with a lot of Canon users joining in this annual event. Last year, we were about 1,200 participants (I think) who took pictures and submitted them for judging.

Anyway, I saw this posted in Pipho and I think its a good read especially those who will be joining the event for the first time. Here are some tips to maximize the experience for Saturday's Photomarathon (though it won't guarantee that you would win the event).

1. Bring only the gear you'll need. Last year's winner only used a 50mm and a 400D (or 40D?). No need to bring heavy packs with lots of lenses etc.

2. Check out the photos from the previous CPM events to get some ideas and concepts so you'll know what gear to bring and what to look for during the shoot.

3. Wear light clothing, better if dri-fit clothing. Mainit ngayon so better bring a hat too!

4. Bring lots of water to keep you hydrated and some snacks and candies especially for those who are diabetic. 

5. Don't forget your BATTERIES and MEMORY CARDS before leaving the house! (some people do tend to forget their batteries and mem cards attached to the charger or card readers)

6. Empty and Format your memory cards prior to the event. Ensure all your cards work. Make test shots to be sure.

7. Set your cameras to shoot in JPEG mode (I suggest Large JPEG). (RAW format won't be accepted)

8. Read also the manual on how to change the date and time of your cameras, we will be asked to change the dates and time as part of the contest rules.

9. Don't forget to print, sign and bring with you the WAIVER FORM.

10. Bring a separate memory card or USB flash drive and save some of your best photos or stock photos. Free printing for everyone c/o Canon Pixma! 

11. Enjoy and have fun! This is a friendly contest, don't be rude to other photographers. Smile and make some friends.

See you on Saturday! XD

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