Monday, October 24

Working under pressure

Current mood: In a trance. 

I still have at least 2 hours to go before my 4th day is done. I wasn't even suppose to report for work because I've been feeling dizzy and uneasy for the past few days (hypertension). Since my colleague won't be able to work because of dysmenorrhea, I had no choice but to report for work. Though some were against it, I have to do this so I could provide a better life for my family.

Since Sunday, I have this terrible headache as well as having a blurry vision. Though work is not usually heavy on a weekend, I reported for work and fight the pain throughout my shift. I even thought it would just go away after getting a goodnight sleep last night, but still I slowly feel the discomfort. Going to the office was quite a breeze as I got there in an hour. I was hoping work would be light and easy. 

But I was dead WRONG! XD

I got to answer 8 calls, processed around 11 tickets and I still have some more to complete as one of our counterpart from EMEA was sick and unable to work. Not to mention, I have to take care of our inbox from AMER and APAC. Thank God I didn't feel uncomfortable while working today. Or it could be I really excel in times like these. XD

Anyway, I hope I could get better so I could be more efficient and productive for the remaining 11 months here at the office.

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