Sunday, October 9

The week that was (October 2 - 9)

Sunday: I got up a bit late at around 9:00am as I prepared my soiled clothes for the night. Then by 12:00pm, we went to church to hear mass as our baby was with us. By 1:30pm, after having lunch, I went to SMX Convention Center to attend the Cosmania 2011 event (I'll create a blog about this). Though a friend of mine offered me access to the event, I still bought my own ticket (as I have money to get one). After running out of batteries to shoot, I waited for my friend before leaving SMX. After having a quick snack at Big Daddy's Chicken Chops, I had to pass by the supermarket to buy some juice for my wife before finally going home. When I got back home, I did some laundry before helping her out online.We all got to bed at past 1:00am as I had to finish what needs to be done.

Monday: Got up at around 8:00am and took our laptop downstairs so I could edit pictures. But instead, I transferred all pictures from my 3 SDHC cards to my laptop that was a little bit time consuming. At the same time, I was watching WWE's Hell in a Cell on Jack TV. After watching, it was back to daddy duties for me as I helped my wife taking care of Migmig while working online. The day was pretty much productive as watching my baby dabble with words makes me smile. By 2:30pm, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there but she told me to wait until 5:00pm. I went to NBS to read some books on Business Management and some Photography books that I would buy probably in the months to come. Then after handing my mom the stuff and getting some, I went home right away as my wife was already hungry. I called Shakey's to have pizza delivered at home. After 30 minutes, pizza was here already and started eating as I am hungry as well. I got to assist my wife before going to sleep at past 1:00am.

Tuesday: Got up a couple of minutes past 8:00am to edit some pictures I took from the 20th Transport Show last May which I edited my car shots. Then I got myself ready for work as I had my lunch at home before leaving. I got in the office just in time so I could process some tickets. The day was quite ok as I got to spend time with my baby before going to bed.

Wednesday: I got up again early to continue editing carshow photos. As I was supposed to commute to the office, my stomach felt so queasy, I had to pass by SM Manila to dump XD. Then, I continued commuting as I got to the office almost an hour late. Work was quite slow during my shift as I got to do other things online. By 5:30pm, I went to Landmark to buy some of the current issues of UNO, Rogue and FHM before going to The Enterprise to buy a full bowl of Chili soup. During my shift, my boss asked me if I am willing to move back to night shift. I told him I have to consider a lot of things first as I had a family to look out for. I don't know how long I could keep my schedule but as far as I know, I must start to look for other options.I left the office at almost 11:30pm and got home an hour later. Migmig was already sleeping so I spent quality time with her without waking her up before joining her to dreamland.

Thursday: Got up at 8:00am and I was supposed to edit pictures of SKWWPW 2011 and Cosmania 2011. But after editing the third picture, I felt so dizzy, I had to go upstairs to get some more sleep. The dizziness that I felt really sucked into me that I was unproductive for almost the whole day until I decided to have lunch at Chowking. somehow, it gave me enough strength to continue for the day. By 5:30pm, me, my wife and Migmig went to Intramuros to have our dinner at Barbara's in Intramuros.I didn't bring my camera (DSLR) with me but took some snapshots using our digicam. We enjoyed our dinner plus the cultural show but I promised to go back and bring my DSLR with me to take better pictures, Most of the people there find our baby cute as Migmig smiled most of the time. After the cultural show, we took a cab going home and got there in no time. I got online again to check my facebook stuff before going up and spend more quiet time at around 1:30am.

Friday: For some reason, Migmig cried so loud all of a sudden at 2:30am that both my wife and I got scared as what caused it. I got up at 8:00am and got ready for work. I kissed my wife and baby before leaving home. I got in the office at past 10:00am to start my pre-shift OT. So far, work is quite slow in the morning heading lunchtime as I got to check some of my online accounts. By 12:00pm, work starts to pour in little by little but I was able to manage them. Though for the past 2 days, I don't feel very well, I had to pull this through so I could provide a good future for my wife and baby. Before 2:00pm, I used my Starbucks coupon to upgrade my cappuccino and grab a chicken and mushroom pesto sandwich for lunch. I got to work on more tickets before going down by 5:30pm, to pay our bills and buy my dinner. Though I feel tired at this point, I still exerted my all that I have to get things done here in the office. After my shift, I passed by the drugstore to buy milk for Migmig while it was partly raining. When I got home, she's still up and playing with her mom. All of us slept at past 1:30am.

Saturday: Got up at almost 10:00am even if I set my alarm at around 8:00am to attend Collecticon but I succumb to the luxury of sleep.I waited for my mom-in-law's hot "Sopas" to be cooked before leaving for work. I took the bus as I have my camera with me and I don't want my bag to be opened more than several times. I got in the office just in the nick of time as my boss kept on bugging us senior techs regarding our schedule. Our manager wanted all 3 of us on three different schedules. I still have my schedule and I am planning to keep it until the end of the year before shifting to another shift and eventually, a new company. By 5:15pm, I went out to go to Market-Market to attend FHM's Autograph Signing featuring October Covergirl Daiana Menezes (I'll create a separate blog for this.). I got back in the office at almost 9:00pm as I had dinner at my desk thanks to Chowking. I stayed in the office until 11:30pm before ending my 2nd day at work. I took a cab and got home within less than 30 minutes. My baby was still awake when I got upstairs and even if the lights were set to dim, she's still active and full of energy even if she started coughing since the previous day. I hope she gets better ASAP.

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