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SKWWPW 2011 Winner: A Pinoy!

When I got home last Saturday (12:30am), I just browsed some pages from facebook until I saw the results from Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk 2011 Contest.I was so surprised that the Grand Winner came from the Philippines. I can say that Filipinos really stand out.

Anyway, here is the blog from Scott Kelby himself. Till next year. XD

Imagine this: You have nearly 1,000 winning images from around the world, and now you have to narrow it down to just 10 finalists and one grand prize winner. This is not an easy job.

It took me hours of careful consideration to just get down to my first rounds of cuts, which left me with around 78 photos. I could make a case why each one of those could have been a winner—-they were all so good—-but unfortunately I can only choose 11 total. Ask anyone who has judged a photo competition—it’s a frustrating task, and you get torn between one photo or another, and you have to make tough cuts that see some of your favorite photos fall out of the top 10.

OK, I won’t keep you waiting any longer; let’s get to the winners and we’ll talk in a few moments. Here are the 10 Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

By Eli Drlu (Bucuresti, Bucuresti Romania Photo Walk)

I know the image has kind of a creepy look to it, but I kept coming back to it again and again. I love the composition, the bright light coming from outside that’s totally blown out. I love the texture and the color, and it’s just a really interesting image.The guy standing at the window put it over the top. Nicely done.

By Kristin MacPherson (Regina, SK Canada [Wascana Centre, Regina] Photo Walk)

I love this composition, and the black white (or slightly duotoned look) the photographer applied to the image. The shadows in this image are awesome, as the sun could hardly be in a better place to make this image come together. Plus, the fact that there’s just three trees is awesome (three is a great number composition wise). I even think the lens flare adds to the photos. Very cool image, and great post processing.

By Arthur Lewis (Camden Town, England Photo Walk)

I love how that one red drape stands out in such a big way. If the photographer thought to remove the color from her skin so it matched the surroundings—bravo! If he didn’t, maybe it’s even better. However, the reflection of the red drape on her arm on the right makes me wonder if her skin was just that white. Either way, a really interesting image.

By Adrian V (Cludad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal Argentina Photo Walk)

This one made me do a double-take, because when I first saw it, I thought for moment that there was a little boy running behind him, but more likely I think it’s a small billboard or sign on the wall behind him, but it’s his facial expression, and his clothing against that background that makes this shot make me smile. What an interesting character.

By Andres Mendez (Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain Photo Walk)

I really like the way this composition makes a perfect  ”X” through the image, but ti’s the varying color of the buildings, against that blue sky, that takes it over the top. This is another one where as soon as I saw it, I immediately liked it. Really nice composition, and kudos to Andres for thinking to look up.

By Ann Richardson (Nashville, Tennessee, United States Photo Walk)

This image was so different from most of the other entries that it really stood out. I love the vibrant colors, and the way Ann got really close to the subject. I also love how the license plate in the back is so well lit that it draws attention to the name, which suits the car so wonderfully. I also dig the use of a f/stop that would give the starbright effect to the streetlights, which I think adds a lot to the overall image. Looks like a fun walk that night in Nashville.

By Duy Pham (Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Photo Walk)

I love the color, light, and composition of this shot, with the subject down low and lots of open space above that just draws you down to the subject. I love that there’s just enough light on the subject that it’s not a total silhouette and whole mood of the shot just makes me wish I was there to have Photo Walked in this area myself. Nice capture!

By Kenny Kinter (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA [Downtown] Photo Walk)

If I had to choose a 3rd place shot, this would be the one. This is a print I would buy, frame, and hang in my home because I just love the symmetry and composition of the image. I love the square cropping, and I love the way the sky kind of blows out to nothing. Really great shot!

By Barbara Ingersoll (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States Photo Walk)

It’s tough to make a great Photo Walk shot on a rainy day, but I think Barbara did just that with this great shot. I love the color tone to this image, and the water drops on the seats, the reflections on the brick, and for me the whole thing just works. As soon as it came on my screen I loved it. Very nicely done, and very tough-to-shoot conditions.

By Shyan Valentine (Magna, Utah USA Photo Walk)

If I had to choose a 2nd place shot, this would be the one because I was really torn between this shot and the winning shot. I love the cloudy moonlit sky in the background and the way it’s positioned so perfectly in the composition (balancing the large arcs on the right side with the darker sky). Although this is a very artistic shot, when I look at this photo, I just want to know the story, and that makes it work for me on so many levels. Great color, great long exposure, great composition, just a great shot. Love it!


By Jaime Cesar Tibe (Surigao City, Caraga Philippines Photo Walk)

This shot makes me smile. As soon as I saw it, I smiled, and I’m still smiling. I love the composition and its sense of balance, and I think the post processing was spot on. I love the color all the around, and how the sky looks versus the water, and I particularly love the bubbles in the lower right corner from the last jumper. Just looks like a beautiful summer’s day, and a wonderful scene along the walk route, and it’s the kind of shot I see on places like and think, “Wow, what a cool shot!” Great capture, moment, emotion, processing, and composition. :)


  1. the last photo makes me proud, kitang-kita na nasa 'pinas eh.. galing ng Pinoy :)

    nanardxz zee :)

  2. why do pictures from professional photographers always look best?


  3. Oh wow! Spot on win for our fellow filipino. =) But I must say, his competition were also as tough. I actually love the photo of Kristin MacPherson's. Very magical!

  4. Like you!!
    I've watch over the entries when the winners were announce!
    amazing pictures.. over the top!

    The winning photo is really a winner.. no contest to that!

  5. Everythings are deserving but the last one marks... and I saw your caption it is owned by a Filipino, Kudos!

  6. Well done! Certainly that photo stands out. x

  7. Before seeing the last photo. I'm like amazed with the work of By Shyan Valentine (Magna, Utah USA Photo Walk) but not after seeing the last photo! I was like? for real? It's from a Filipino work? I'm so proud! :)

  8. Gosh pinas na pinas!! Love it!, so proud to be pinoy! ;)

  9. Wow! what more can you say diba? Natural na natural! Pinas na pinas! Congrats sa winner! :)

  10. heart warming. to be a Pinoy.

    we are truly global winners :)

  11. oh lala!!! nanginginig na tuloy akong gumamit ng came ko..hahahaha...ganda ng mga kuha!!!

  12. omg, i got goose bumps while looking at the last photo. made me so proud...actually, still have goose bumps as i write this...

  13. i liked how the buildings were shot at a certain angle that shows the X in it... but of course... love your own... the last shot is unmistakably so PINOY ... LOVE it =)


  14. I wouldn't want to be in your place. Maging judge ng ganyan? Ang hirap niyan for sure. But the photos above are superb. For me lahat yan panalo na :)


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