Sunday, October 9

Nayong Pilipino No More (No Thanks to Executive Order No. 58)

While doing my usual work online, I saw this update from our Photowalk Leader Ms Bambit Gaerlan. I got shocked while I had finished my blog post about my experience at Nayong Pilipino last Tuesday. It happened to be that Last October 1 was our last as President Aquino decided to kill Nayong Pilipino and hand it over to MIAA (Manila International Airport Authority).

In Executive Order No. 58, the President said the 22.3-hectare land of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation Inc. (NPF) will be used for the expansion of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2. This expansion to the north will include the development of the New International Cargo Terminal Facility to support the operation of NAIA Terminal 3 and “accommodate growth in the passenger and aircraft movement.”

According to Presidential Decree No. 37 issued in 1972, the government provides that the parcel of land given to the NPF shall revert to the National Government if the NPF is dissolved or ceases. The same decree states that the land occupied by the NPF shall not be transferred to another person or entity without previous authorization by the President of the Philippines. With this, they have already killed what I could call a comeback of a historical park. 

The entire article was posted from Manila Bulletin's website.

Now, we are the last ones who have set foot at Nayong Pilipino and captured its final days. How unfortunate!

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