Friday, October 7

Cosmania 2011

Last Sunday, I head-off to SMX Convention Center to attend The Cosmania 2011. My friend told me that I got media passes that I could take pictures it would my first time to have media passes XD.

When I got there, I took some pictures from outside the event area as most cosplayers were more than willing to pose for you. To make sure, I bought a ticket to the entrance just in case my friend who got the media passes won't be able to make it.

After a few hours, my friend told me he couldn't make it. Oh well, there goes my media pass XD. And at the same time, I ran out of batteries (both XD) after more than 2 hours of shooting outside the event area.

Anyway, even without the media pass, I got to take decent shots and I know that would be enough for me.

Hopefully I could attend next year's Cosmania 2012. XD

Here are a few more pictures that I took. Enjoy! XD

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