Monday, September 12

The week that was (September 4 - 10)

Sunday: I got up early as I was able to take Migmig out for a few minutes before taking her back to her mom. Then I got to do some errands before going to church to attend mass after my wife gave birth. Migmig was well-behaved while were in the church and after mass, we went home right away to have lunch.I was supposed to go to SM Megamall to take pictures of a cosplay event there (Otaku 2011) but I changed my mind and instead, bought a card for my wife for Thursday. I went to Robinson's Galeria to buy the card before spending quiet time at Starbucks Veranda. Though there were a number of people hanging out, I was able to compose my thoughts before going back home. I also checked-out some photography books by Tom Ang and they were really easy to understand and it doesn't cost that much. I spent probably an hour skimming through the books. Then I went to Bonchon to buy some chicken wing's to go as my wife was craving for it before going straight home. My wife enjoyed it as well as some of my in-laws.

Monday: I got up early and had myself ready as I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and get the luggage bag from her. I went home right away so I could spend some time with my wife and baby. She wanted to try Chowking's Chinese-Style Fried Chicken and I obliged. Also, I bought her halo-halo as the weather was quite warm. For the rest of the afternoon, I got to sort some of the maps and brochures that I got from attending travel fairs for the past 12 months as I put them in the bag for me to take it to San Pedro when I have the time. After taking a bath, I went out to go online for a while before going back home to spend more time with my family.

Tuesday: I got up quite late as my body wasn't cooperating with me XD. I left home at past 12:30pm and took a bus instead of taking the LRT which I got late for work. Work was quite steady as emails pour in from all regions as I was the only one manning the shift. For dinner, I brought my own packed-lunch for the first time in a while. Probably I'll try to do it as I need to save enough money for the upcoming months. After work, I went home so I could be with my family. 

Wednesday: I got up at past 8:00am and start my day right. After watching TV, I bought 2 packs of diapers for my baby and coconut juice for my wife. I left at 12:00pm and bought some food for lunch. At the same time, I had my lunch at a carinderia nearby which I really enjoyed. I took the LRT to get to the office early which I did. Even if work was quite bountiful, thank God I was able to update some of my backlogs without much distraction (as these are the reasons why my backlogs increased XD).For dinner, I had grilled liempo that I bought near our place for me to save money again. Work was quite steady as I got to watch some interesting videos on youtube before going home at 11:00pm

Thursday: Got up at around 8:00am as the weather was quite hot and humid. I was able to prepare milk for Migmig and gave it to her then her mom put her back to sleep. After watching my favorite cartoon, I went to the drugstore to buy my baby her supply of milk as her current supply is almost running out. I left home at 12:00pm and had my lunch at a carinderia nearby. I spent less than a hundred pesos for the second straight day which for me was a good sign as I could save money instead of eating at some expensive eateries in Makati. I took the bus and I got late by only 3 minutes which was just fine. Work was much abundant than the past few days as it kept me quite busy. After my shift, I went home to be with them. 

Friday: I got up at around 7:30am as it was already hot and humid for my body to take. For a change, I edited some old pictures that I took a few months back. I got to edit probably at least 30 pictures  leaving more than a thousand to go XD. After editing, I got to do some errands before leaving for work. I had lunch at the same carinderia where I ate for the past few days and I like the variety. I also bought food for my dinner for the next few hours. I took the LRT and got in the office at 2:02pm and all of a sudden, I feel a little bit ill. Coupled with coughs and colds, it was hard for me to concentrate as my body was a bit weak.But I was able to manage even with the 2 calls that I got from the US. For dinner, I had Lechon Kawali and Pinakbet which were really good. I was supposed to wash my lunch box when suddenly the door to the pantry got locked. It happened to be that the daughter of one of the boss was the one who accidentally locked the door. I left the office at past 11:30pm and got home an hour later. I tried to go online to filter my emails but I wasn't successful so I just went to sleep.

Saturday: I got up at almost 10:00am as my body felt so tired that it took me a while before I finally got up. I went online for an hour at an internet cafe near home since its connection is much faster. Then I went back home and prepared for work. I took the bus going to the office since my legs were still tired and weary.I got in the office with a few more minutes to spare. Since being a Saturday, I was hoping that There won't be much requests. But I was wrong. my boss told me to do some follow-ups to one of the users in the US which needs to be escalated. After several attempts, I was still unsuccessful in escalating it as I am having a hard time reaching the on-call tech needed. Then my colleagues from the night-shift arrived. They wanted to have a bottle or two which I obliged. I felt a bit heavy but I didn't mind because I'll be resting for the next 2 days with my family. I left the office at 11:30pm and got home an hour later. I joined them in bed so all of us could get a goodnight sleep XD.

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