Tuesday, September 20

The week that was (September 11 - 17)

Sunday: Got up a bit late as I cancelled all of my supposed to "lakwatsa" and stayed home to be with my wife and baby. We did some aircon maintenance before going to mass at 5:00pm. After mass, my wife went online as I went out to buy her some vitamins. As I got back home, I took our laptop down so my wife could watch TV and go online at the same time and help her in any way I can. We slept at past 1:30am as I got tired and weary XD

Monday: Me and my wife got up early as we need to go to my wife's couturier for her fitting. We left home at 10:00am as we took Migmig with us We were able to hail a cab quickly and got to the place earlier than expected. My wife's session was pretty quick as I hold Migmig with me while she's sleeping. After her fitting, I took them to Il Terrazo to have our lunch at The Real Thing Diner (I'll create a separate blog for this). After more than 2 hours, we took a cab and head home. By 2:00pm, were back as my wife and baby took a nap while I'm transferring some of our pictures from my camera to our laptop. I wasn't able to do some editing as I felt a bit sleepy as well. Instead, I watched TV before going out to go online at a nearby internet cafe for two hours to update some of my games on facebook and update my blogs. Later in the evening, I got to assist my wife with all her needs as she took care of our baby fully. I slept at almost 2:00am as I went online again XD.

Tuesday: I got up at almost 8:00am and started my day by editing some old photos that I took of Migmig and from my 2010 pictures. At 9:30am, everyone was tuned in to the Miss Universe 2011 Live at Sao Paolo, Brazil with a special delayed telecast from ABS-CBN channel 2. After the pageant, it was rush mode for me in getting ready for work. I had lunch at food extreme which I got full, plus I ordered viands to go so I could eat it at night. I got in the office with plenty of time to spare as I even passed by Watson's to buy my wife's need. Work was a bit slow as I got few emails and some calls from the US. I logged-off at 11:30pm and I got home at past midnight as my wife and baby were still up. Then my baby cried all of a sudden as it turns out she's hungry (last feeding time was 10:00pm). We fed her before all of us went to bed.

Wednesday: I got up at around 8:00am to edit some of the pictures I took more than a year ago XD. I was able to have lunch at home before preparing for work. I got to the office at around 1:30pm as I was able to do other things aside from work. By 4:00pm, I went out to do some transactions for my wife after doing another request from LatAm (Latin America). I answered several email requests as I browsed some of the websites I usually visit. For dinner, I had Lechon Kawali and Munggo. It was a satisfying dinner as work is beginning to get light (phones are already with the US team). After work, I went straight home to be with my wife and baby which were still up when I got home. I went online for a few more minutes before finally joining them in bed.

Thursday: I got up at almost 8:00am as I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and hand her some stuff. I took a cab going back home as I feel dizzy. When I got home, I was able to watch TV before doing some errands for my wife. I left early for work and had lunch outside. For some reason, I didn't have the appetite to eat lunch as I ordered a cup of rice and meatball soup (my usual order consist of a cup and a half of rice, a serving of vegetable and a serving of either meat, chicken or fish). When I got to the office, my body still feel distant with me as I tried my best to concentrate. Thank God work wasn't that heave as I got to do other things I left the office at almost 11:30pm and got home an hour later. Migmig was at her cheerful self and I got to spend more time with her before going to bed.

Friday: I got up at past 9:30am as Migmig was already awake and playing. My wife asks me to take her down with me so she could have fresh air. We went down and spend some quality time. After feeding her, I took her back to her mom and I went out to buy vitamins for my baby girl. When I got back, I prepared for work as I fixed my 2 bags. My wife told me that the sales rep from canon called her and told her that the of the lens that were planning to purchase was higher than the one agreed upon. I left home at 12:30pm and got in the office 15 minutes before 2:00pm. Work was quite steady as I got some emails to attend to. Our temporary helpdesk member just signed a 6-month contract which means our shift won't fall short of man power. At 4:00pm, I went to the Enterprise Center to do some bank transactions for my wife (deposit) My wife was convinced that we should look for another seller for the lens that we're planning to buy. All I need now is to review the feedback given to the online seller that I discovered. I left the office at around 11:30pm and took a cab to get home as soon as I can. When I got home, I gave the passbook to her but she got a little bit upset. She was expecting that our account should be more than what she was expecting but it was a few thousand pesos short. She got mad at me telling that I don't know how to budget. She should have realized that I've been the one taking care of our finances for the past few months since Migmig was born and everytime she needs something, I make sure to buy it no questions asked even if I don't have money left (from my salary). I really hate it when we argue about money. I know its a necessity but for every money spent, money will be earned from diligence and hard work. We went to bed early but it turns out that Migmig still wants to play until 2:00am.

Saturday: I got up a bit late at almost 8:00am. With little energy left, I prepared myself to have breakfast at Sugarleaf at around 9:30am. I took the next bus bound for Ortigas and got there early (I'll create a separate blog for this). Then, it was off to SM Megamall for me until I changed my mind halfway though. My spirit is willing but my body is weak as I don't feel 100 good. I got in the office at around 12:00pm as my colleagues were surprised I got to do some updates and upload an updated picture of Migmig that I shot a few houurs earlier. Still, I didn't feel well that I decided not to attend the autograph signing of Lovi Poe at Robinson's Galeria. Its the 5th time I didn't attend FHM's Autograph Signing and for some reason, I didn't feel any regret. I went out to have my early dinner at World Topps but it happened to be closed when I got there so I went to NSG (National Sports Grill) instead and used my other voucher. For my second visit, I was full and satisfied as their servings were really huge. I got back in the office at almost 7:00pm and was able to fully cover the 2nd half of the shift while doing other things XD. I got a call about an update of an outage in one of the sites in the US. At almost 11:30pm, it was time for me to go home to be with my family. Both my wife and my baby were still up and we spent more time before going to sleep.

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