Saturday, September 17

An Organic Breakfast at Sugar Leaf

Healthy is the new Cool! XD

Up to this point, I am still full even hours after I had late breakfast at Sugarleaf. I have been planning to start eating healthy even way back. However, I couldn't do it constantly as my impressions of having organic diet into my system were expensive and tastes bland. However, my perception on organic diet changed after trying some of their food on the menu using my voucher from Cashcash Pinoy. Located at the heart of Wilson Street, Sugarleaf offers healthy alternative to eating as they practice organic.

 Cozy interiors

It took me a while to locate this place as it was partially hidden. When I got in, I was invited to a surrounding that is not stressful and not tiring to the eyes. Instead, I was surrounded with greens. From their products, up to what was written on the board, The surroundings already nourished my eye. The question was will my mind and body be nourished as well?

See my bag? XD

My food took at least 10-12 minutes as the prepare it from scratch. I took out my camera and try to take some snapshots as quietly as I can. The first that came to my table was the free-range chicken wrap (free-range chicken with herbs and dijon mustard) paired with Goody Kefir dressing (composed of dressing, organic lettuce and cucumber). The wrap (150 pesos) was sliced into smaller portions for easier eating. Perhaps, this was one of the best wrap I've ever tasted and I'll tell you, I almost got full after only four small portions. It is a meal itself but much healthier.

Free-range Chicken Wrap

Next served was the Muesli (apple) with Acai (120 pesos) and organic soy milk. Again, its somewhat a cereal but again, much healthier. This small cup of cereal packs with lots of nutrients with acai (as an anti-oxidant) included in the cereal. I might go back there again to buy organic muesli.

Apple Muesli with Acai

Third served was the pumpkin soup (60 pesos). At 60 pesos, this soup was rich, thick, creamy and warm. Paired with their organic bread, it nourishes the body mind and soul. Not to mention its rich in Vitamin A and Lycopine which helps improve and maintain good eyesight XD.

One of the most affordable Pumpkin Soup

For dessert, Cashew San Rival (50 pesos) was served. This Sansrival used suchero (a natural sweetener extracted from organic coconut sap) as its sweetener. For me, it tasted just fine as its sweetness is good especially for diabetics.

Cashew Sans Rival

To quench my thirst and cleanse my palate, I had Piña Colada Smoothie (100 pesos). With Goody Kefir included, I know that I would be having a healthy, thirst-quenching drink as it has 40 different species of GOOD bacteria.

Piña Colada Smoothie

My total bill was only 480 as I used my 600 voucher for my breakfast (I got 4 energy bars @ 30 pesos each for me to take).

Their interior has an organic hint of green don't you think? XD

My morning was somewhat energized as my mind, body and soul was nourished organically. Defenitely, I'll be going back to buy some organic produce to improve my health.


  1. I love pumpkin soup. Good to see there is an affordable one

  2. thanks for sharing another new place to visit..

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love the place very cozy.

  4. Nice place to chill out before starting the day.

  5. Looks pretty cozy. Will check this place out one of these days.

  6. Parang ang relaxing naman ng resto na to.. Will try to visit them next.... :)

  7. It's been a while since I've last been to Sugarleaf.. :) Love how healthy yet still tasty their dishes are!

  8. Too healthy for me, I guess. hihihi...

  9. Nice!!! What attracted me the most are the prices (being the cheapskate that I am). :)) Good to know there are restaurants that offer delicious and healthy meals that won't burn a hole in your wallet. Will definitely try this place! :)

  10. I seems to be a good place to have organic meals at reasonable prices. The food selection seems to be very good and varied based on what you presented. The place looks great as well!

  11. Eating organic food is really healthy though they're bit pricey. But anyway, its necessary to take care of our health. Looks like another interesting place to visit.

  12. indeed organic food are pricey much! specially here in singapore though a lot of food of choices you can go eat healthy in a good price too! xx

  13. parang ang sarap ng Muesli... nice to know organic foods like this are available in restos like this.


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