Monday, August 1

The week that was (July 24 - 30)

Sunday: I got up at around 9:00am and unable to take Migmig out for the second straight day. I just took her down to feed her again before taking back to her mom. I got to buy Sunday's paper as well as do some grocery as well. I bought Migmig's diaper (Pampers Medium) at less than 400 pesos for 58 pieces. When I got back home, I got myself ready for work and had my lunch first. I got caught by the rain on my way to the office as I stop by a drugstore to buy Migmig's milk. When I got in the office, my colleague from the morning shift told me that my fellow colleague won't be able to report because he was down with flu. Work was quite slow as I got only one call for a password reset and fixed it in no time. I made a call to Size Matters Sausage Burgers for my reservation this coming Tuesday. Had my dinner at almost 10:00pm as I waited for my night-shift colleagues to arrive. However, I left the office at past 11:30pm as I need to accompany my colleague at work. I got home at past midnight as my wife and daughter were already in bed.

Monday: I got up at past 8:30am and I felt something unusual. I wasn't able to take Migmig out for the 3rd straight morning (bad daddy! XD) as both of us got up late. I took her down after a few minutes to feed her and change her diaper before her lola took her back to her mom. I was able to watch TV in the morning but I felt a bit dizzy. I was able to buy Monday's paper and read at least two of them. At past 11:00am, Migmig and her mom just got up again as I get ready for work despite that splitting headache. I left home at past 12:00pm and got in the office early. Again, my other colleague won't be able to join me in my shift. After taking some medicine, I felt much better now within minutes. I got to edit some of my backlogs as well as check on other things.Since I'm the only one on the shift, I just bought dinner from Jollibee and ate it in the office at around 7:30pm. I was able to do other things before calling it a night.

Tuesday: I got up early and I was able to take Migmig out even for a short while. Then I fed her with milk before she had her tantrums again. I took her to her mom and I bought her vitamins. On my way to the drugstore, it rained all of a sudden that left me drenching wet especially on my way back home.  I decided not to report to work because I had to attend a bloggers event at around 7:00pm and I had to claim my good meal from Size Matters. I took a jeepney ride going to Timog at around 1:00pm as it rained heavily again. When I got to Tomas Morato, it took me a few more minutes to locate Size Matters and had my lunch there (I'll create a separate blog for this). Then, I went online for an hour to check on some things before searching for Digiprint in Tomas Morato. One of the guards told me that their branch already closed out (which I doubted) so I had no other choice but to go to SM North Edsa to have Migmig's invite printed. I got to familiarize myself within Tomas Morato so that the next time me and my family have decided where to eat within the area, we won't get lost anymore. I took a cab going to SM North Edsa only to get disappointed again as the security guards and people from the information counter told me that there is NO Digiprint in SM North Edsa. Well I had to be contented with having my invite printed somewhere else and I got more disappointed that the output was not good. I took a cab going to Mother Ignacia Avenue to attend a bloggers event there and I got a bit early so out of curiosity, I went to Wicked Kitchen which was a few steps away and tried their Gluttony. Its really good and I felt I had a full meal with it. Then I went to the blogger's event but it didn't satisfy me at all. I won't give full details as I don't have any XD. I left the place and bought some stuff at CD-R King in Eton Centris in Quezon Ave. before going finally to Trinoma to kill some time. I had to stay in one of the Starbucks there as I got to unwind even for a few hours. I left Trinoma at 10:30pm and got home more than an hour later. I was able to edit the picture to be used for Migmig's invites to make it much better.

Wednesday: I got up a bit late as it was dark and raining. I took Migmig down for her morning exercise as my wife was getting ready to go to Divisoria to look for a good souvenir for Migmig's baptismal a few weeks from now. She was away for probably 3-4 hours as I took care of our daughter for the time being. Well, its HARD to keep her pacified especially if you don't know what she really needs XD. I went out as well to buy some lunch for the entire family and I was away for probably 30 minutes, When I got back, my wife was already home taking care of Migmig. After sharing lunch, its my turn to be away for a while. I went to SM Centerpoint to have our invites printed by Digiprint. I had to roam the entire mall as it was located at the basement XD. Before that, I had my test print at Netopia for comparison. Comparing the two, its a bit difficult to choose so I went back home to show it to my wife. She told me she liked the one from Netopia more. However, Migmig's picture was a bit blurry compared to the one from Digiprint and the print was not the latest so I had to grab the copy from our laptop before going back to SM Centerpoint. This time, the print was much better and it looked like I bought it from a specialty shop. Then I bought food for my wife since she wanted something different to eat. The entire afternoon was really tiring but it was well worth it as I got to complete some errands.

Thursday: Well my morning was a bit boring as we stayed home the entire morning except for doing some errands before my wife and baby girl got up at 11:00am. At past 1:00pm, we head off to Mother Igancia first to have our late lunch at Wicked Kitchen (I'll write a blog about this). We stayed there for probably an hour and a half before going to our main destination which my wife needs to have her measurements for her dress. The place was quiet which reminded me of home in San Pedro. I liked the interior of the dress shop that we got into as me and my daughter played while mommy gets measured. Migmig was very cooperative as she didn't got moody at all while we're there. Then my wife's friends came one by one and saw our baby the first time. So far, Migmig is very sociable towards others and Its a good sign for us. Suddenly, it rained so hard again that it took me a while before I hailed a cab to take us back home. We got back home a few minutes before 7:00pm and I took the things I need for tonight's event by Playboy Philippines. I took a jeepney ride two times to get to Tomas Morato as I am now knowledgeable in getting to the Timog area without hailing a cab every often. When I got to Excess Superclub in Timog, I had to wait for at least an hour before my friend arrived (I'll write a separate blog for this). After the event, my good friend and I hang-out for coffee before I took a cab heading home. 

Friday: I got up at 7:00am even if I was in my senses already at 6:00am and despite that both me and my wife slept at around 3:00am. I just changed my clothes and went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and hand her Migmig's Baptismal Invitation.I was able to do some grocery too as I need some healthy food options. I went back home via cab as my grocery was really heavy. Then, I was able to watch TV for a few minutes before doing extra errands for my wife. Then, I'm off to work for my first work week. It didn't take me that long to reach the office. I was able to set-up my PC in no time as started working. My boss came two hours later. I got a call from the Netherlands that took me an hour before escalating it to the EMEA Support. Thank God, we already had our paycheck and treated myself a big slice of pizza and FHM's August 2011 Issue. Then I was surprised that it was raining hard as I went back to the office after dinner. Then work was light for the next few hours before I left the office before midnight. I got home at past midnight as my wife was busy online.

Saturday: I got up at around 9:00am as I still feel tired. Though my alarm has been ringing since 7:00am, its hard for me to get up if you don't have enough energy to sustain for the day. I took Migmig down to feed her but she was unable to consume all of her milk in the bottle and at the same time, she cried again looking for her mommy. I took her back up to her mom and while she's playing, she threw-up which made both of us worried. After making sure she's alright, I went down to have breakfast at Chowking before buying coconut juice for my wife. Then I prepare my things for work and left at past 12:00pm. I got in the office early which means I got to do something else. At almost 4:00pm, I went out for coffee at CBTL but the place was full of people, mostly Koreans. I had my 2 cups to go and I was able to find a good chair for a few minutes before going back to the office. Then I stopped by Terriyaki boy to order 2 sets of Maki for dinner.My dinner was really heavenly as I got to do some blog reading and updating at the same time. Work was slow as I got to play Plants vs Zombies again after a long while. I left the office again at almost midnight and got home quickly.
My wife was still awake and online as I lay down and get some sleep.

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