Sunday, July 10

The week that was (July 3 - 9)

Sunday: I got up a bit late again as a result of having less sleep in recent weeks. I was able to take Migmig out but for a few minutes before going back up to her mom to have her breastfed again. I was able to go online for a while and bought Sunday's paper before sitting down on the couch to watch DVD. Our baby wasn't able to take her bath because she slept too much that morning that she got up again at 12:00pm. I did some laundry in the afternoon despite that there is something in the bathroom that smelled like a rotten rat. I just stayed home the whole day except for doing some errands left and right but lasted for only a few minutes though. After my wife worked online for the past 40+ hours (for the last 7 days), I was able to get our laptop to use it for my pleasure. I was checking my emails when I got to see an email with a tempting job offering. It was a home-based IT job that allows me to earn $30/hour. With that rate alone, who would refuse; but only if you're FLUENT in French aside from being fluent in English. I'd think about it and probably soon, I could work from home so I could spend more time with my family. 

Monday: I got up at around 7:30am and had myself ready to take Migmig out. I was able to take her out for a few minutes as the sun was quite hot. Then, after feeding her, I was able to spend quality time with my daughter as she is getting more and more talkative each day with her "ah-goos" and "am" before taking her back to her mom to change her diapers. Then we all went back downstairs and my wife was able to put her to sleep. I got online for an hour at the most to check my mafia wars instead of editing Migmig's pictures (Bad Daddy! XD). Then I made sure to get myself ready for work and left home at 12:15pm. Good thing I got in the office with some time to spare. Its the start of July for me as my rest days would be Wed-Thu for this month and I'm looking forward to this change and see if it would benefit me a lot more. Work was steady as I was able to answer most emails while my colleague stepped-out for a long lunch (dinner with his girlfriend).     I went to Greenbelt to look for some new magazines to add to my collection and I bought 2. For dinner, I was able to pass by one of Max's restaurant in Greenbelt and I got their chicken-all-you-can meal for just 199 pesos (plus 2 rice for 32 pesos each and 28 pesos to make your drink a bottomless one). I got to finish four pieces of quarter-sliced chicken (I think I tied my previous record last year).I got back at almost 10:00pm and worked some more before calling it a day. I got home a few minutes past midnight and spent some more time with my daughter before going to sleep.

Tuesday: We were into our senses (though both my wife and I still feel very sleepy) as early as 4:00am as our baby was hungry again. Then a few minutes before 6:00am, even my wife had a hard time pacifying her so I took Migmig downstairs for her to have a change of view. Her grandmom helped me in pacifying her and was able to put her to sleep only for a while. After she pooped, we went back upstairs to her mom (with probably less than an hour of sleep) and slept some more. I even dozed-off and didn't noticed that it was almost 12:00pm and I had to prepare for work fast. So fast that I got here in the office just in the nick of time. Before I had the shift to myself, I went to Mc Donald's to grab something to eat and at the same time, get another glass can that I'm collecting. I am the only one here in the office for our shift (aside from our boss) and work was quite bountiful to say the least. Again, I grabbed my dinner at Mc Donald's for my 5th glass can collection and enjoyed my food. After dinner, I got several emails from AMER users having problems with their respective systems and its quite plentiful for me especially that I'm the only one here in the office. Most of them were issues that I've never heard before and I got to inform our group chat what to do next (and I hope someone would reply from my query). My nightshift colleagues arrived one by one which made my work much lighter as I got to wrap-up for the week (having Wed-Thu as my restdays). I was able to get home a few minutes past midnight as my daughter was sleeping soundly until she got hungry. 

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:00am and I was able to take Migmig out again before giving her back to her mom as she was about to go online early for her weekly team meeting.I got to take care of our baby while her mommy was busy. After her meeting, she got to help me taking care of Migmig as I assisted her in her online chores. I left home at almost 1:00pm to go to Manila Cathedral to arrange Migmig's baptism there. When I got there at past 1:30pm, the office was still closed and won't resume until 2:00pm. I took time to take a look inside the cathedral and its been more than a year since I visited the church (The last time was during my 31st birthday last year). When their office resumed, I went in to submit her requirements. Good thing I brought the right documents which means I don't have to go back to re-submit. We were scheduled for a seminar on the 6th of August and I'm ok with that since Fri-Sat would be my rest days then. Then, I went to Max in Intramuros to have my late lunch and to scout the place. When I got in, I looked for their function room to see how it looked like. Well, its quite ok for me I guess but I have to let my wife see for herself. I had my food there but one of the waiters there forgot to serve my halo-halo together with my meal which prompted me to cancel it. That's one point I had to be careful of; Absent-minded staff. After my meal, I was looking for their manager to inquire for my baby's baptismal package and the same staff who attended me took care of my concern. They wanted me to pay for me to secure the place and time but I told them to give me at least a week for me to talk things over with my wife. They agreed and I'll be back a week after to confirm. Then I went to Robinson's place to look for the other magazines that I haven't got yet but to no avail. I visited SM Manila as well and I got UNO's 8th anniversary issue for only 130 pesos (instead of the usual 190 peso cover price XD). I got home at past 5:00pm and stayed home for the rest of the day. I told my wife the status of Migmig's baptism and told her of my plan b. I got to go online for an hour at night before going to bed.

Thursday: Got up at 6:30am and took Migmig out for her daily dose of sun. Then we went back inside to play with her before preparing milk for her. After she pooped, we went back to her mom to have her diaper changed. All three of us slept again and I got up at around 10:00am and did some errands before going online at 10:30am until noon since my wife will be using the laptop in the afternoon. Then I left home again at around 3:00pm to settle our broadband bill with Sun and attend a free color management seminar by Jun Miranda somewhere in Makati. Going to Robinson's Galeria took me more than an hour to get there no thanks to traffic especially along Ortigas (within La Salle GH). Once I got there, I settled our account and grab a quick bite before taking the bus going to Magallanes. Once I got there, I took a jeepney ride going to Kodak building only to drop-off and walk back (The place was near the jeepney station going to Makati). I got inside and I saw other participants to the seminar after I registered myself and offered to eat. Well, I should have learned my lesson from now that most events would let their guests eat first before a seminar or whatnot. Still with some space in my stomach, I ate some more at the seminar which was catered by Passion Cooks and their food were great. I got to learn more on Color Management Seminar by Jun Miranda though I was very sleepy the whole time. I got to learn more on Canon's Pixma printers and how important it is to use original (I think Sir Jo told that to us in his class a few months back XD). After the talk, I asked the guy from Canon some questions regarding their latest printers and have one of my shot printed. It turned out just fine and thank them before stepping out of the room to eat some more. I took a bus ride to crossing but I had to stop by Starbucks to dump XD. At 10:30pm, I'm finally home and showed Migmig's picture to our folks at home. I went online for an hour before finally hitting the sack.

Friday: I got up early at 6:30am and so as my wife. She took Migmig out but the weather was quite cold before the sun came out. Then I fed her before we played with her. At around 8:00am probably, we went upstairs to put her to sleep. Little did we know that we fell asleep as well XD. I got into my senses again and got up at around 10:00am and went out to do some errands for my wife before getting ready for my first day of the work week. I left home at almost 12:00pm and went to Harrison Plaza first to meet my mom there. When I got there, I bought a clearbook for our baby's file before looking for a decent place to eat. I was thinking of Max's but I ate there a few weeks back. Then, I checked Tokyo-Tokyo but the place was filled with people. Chowking was my last option as I was craving for their Chinese-Style Fried Chicken and their Halohalo. Then my mom arrived a few minutes later to give the things that I need. She told me that Dad was doing fine in Batangas as he takes care of things there.I arrived in the office 10 minutes late but that's fine with me since my boss will be working the same shift as mine. Work was quite steady as its raining outside as well. By 7:00pm, I went out and grabbed a bite from Mc Donalds as well as my Green Can-Glass to complete my collection. While having dinner at my workstation, I got a call which disrupted my dinner so I went to the pantry to continue eating. Work was steady as emails are coming in. I left the office a few minutes past midnight as I have to poop again first. I got home in less than 30 minutes even if waiting for a taxi took me almost the same time traveling home. Migmig got awake when I got home and played with me before the three of us went back to sleep.

Saturday: Got up at around 8:00am even if I'm already in my senses at 6:30am. Since its drizzling outside, I took Migmig down for her to have a different view. While taking care of her downstairs, I got to go online for an hour before she got hungry which I fed her. I was able to do some errands and had my breakfast at Chowking before getting myself ready for work. I left early so I could arrive early. I got in the office with  few minutes to spare as traffic was as heavy as the previous day. Being a weekend, I got to enjoy the perks of working as an IT with unlimited internet (Bad! XD). By 6:30pm, I went to Greenbelt to have my dinner at Max's but the queue was quite long so I waited for probably 30-45 minutes before I was seated and served with my chicken-all-you-can. I had 6 pieces of chicken quarter as it made me really full. Then on my way back to the office, some stupid driver forgot to use his horn while driving which I got bumped to his car. Thank God the car wasn't moving that fast and I was full so I just gave a stare at the driver and walked away unharmed. Then before my shift ended, I got a call that took me more than 30 minutes to have it fixed as I made sure that his system connects to VPN via web. I took a cab going home and got there a few minutes before midnight. My daughter got up when I arrived and played a little bit before going to sleep.

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