Monday, July 18

The week that was (July 10 - 16)

Sunday: Got up early to take Migmig out for her daily dose of Vitamin D. We didn't stay out that long as she was already hungry for milk and I had to make one and feed her. Then we went to her mom for some additional milk. I was able to do some errands and I was able to borrow the laptop since my wife won't be using it. It was on my way to the office that I bought Sunday's newspaper. When I got in the office, my other colleagues wanted to relax and have some little fun so we did and made sure we didn't go too overboard. While having fun, I got to set-up my laptop at the most lit area in the office so I could edit the pictures properly. I got to update my Project 365 for my daughter plus one album from my 2010 collection though my eyes felt so tired as I am glued to the screen. For dinner, I just had a Champ from Jollibee and a mug of coffee to keep me awake. After my shift, I took a cab going home so I could be with my loved ones in no time.

Monday: Got up early again and did my morning routine with my baby girl before going back up to our room to get some more sleep. But before going down, Migmig was talking to both of us. To our delight, she is slowly being able to converse with us using her baby language. I got up again at around 10:00am and did the rest of my errands before reporting for work. Thank God I got in the office with plenty of time to spare. I wasn't able to update some of my old posts here because my mind was bent on winning tickets to the FHM's 100 Sexiest Victory party this coming Thursday at WTC. My account and my newly created twitter account were open but it seems that I'm not lucky enough to win those tickets. By lunch (dinner), I went to Insular building across the street to try out Chic-Boy's Cebu lechon liempo meal. The meal has an unlimited rice and for an additional 25 pesos, you also get refillable iced tea. I added lumpiang sariwa to my meal so I would have vegetables as well. My dinner went well since the food was really good and I might frequent this joint often soon. Then we got some more tickets to fix before ending my shift as I had to declare two outages in the US. I took a bus going home and got there a few minutes past midnight. My wife was still doing her online work downstairs as I change my clothes to a more comfortable one and looked at my daughter while she's sleeping peacefully.

Tuesday: Got up early again and did our morning rituals before going back up again and get some more sleep. At 9:00am, I did some errands before reporting for work. For a change, I took the old LRT 2-1 route and got myself a large frosty from Wendy's. I got in the office with plenty of time to spare My colleague just came back from his training in Belgium and he got chocolates for the whole team. Plus were looking forward to learn more t/s from our European counterpart this time. I got to fix some issues from APAC and AMER before I had my dinner at Chicboy again. And boy, dinner was really fulfilling. I got to fix some more issues before calling it a night heading for my rest days. Again, I got home a few minutes past midnight as my wife was still online and my baby was sleeping upstairs and I try to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake her up.

Wednesday: I got up early again and do my morning routine with Migmig before we went back in as my wife got up early for her meeting online. During that time, I am in-charge of taking care of our baby while she was busy. I went upstairs to get some more sleep before my wife and daughter followed. That gave me time to do some more errands but I had my brunch at Chowking with my favorite chinese-style fried chicken and bought some items from the grocery plus my wife's needs before going back home. I did stay for most of the afternoon and even slept with my 2 ladies (with our aircon on) before leaving for Makati to get my tickets to the FHM's 100 Sexiest Party the next day. It didn't took me that long to get there and meet some of my friends there. I didn't stay long there as I had to go home via MRT-LRT2. However, I got sidetracked because Kobe Bryant was at the Araneta Coliseum and I got hungry at the same time. Choosing where to eat was a tedious task for me before I had my dinner at Jap-Ok. Food was quite good but I didn't like how they presented it (they say that most food at Gateway's food choices were served in styrofoam which is eco-unfriendly). I got home at 9:00pm and my baby girl was still up and so was everybody else. By 11:00pm, I was able to get online for an hour before going to bed.

Thursday: I got up early together with Migmig and we went out for some fun in the sun even if I haven't done my morning ritual yet. Then I took her back to her mom so I could get myself ready to go to Harrison Plaza to visit my mom there. I got there at almost 9:00am as my mom was already there waiting for me. I did some grocery and bought milk for my baby girl before going back home at almost 10:00am. I rested for a while and watched TV before leaving home again at 11:00am to go to Max's in Intramuros to pay for the reservation. It took me probably 30 minutes to get there but since I had lunch at Chic-Boy in Recto, I probably got there at around 12:00pm. I was able to discuss our initial concerns with one of the Max's crew about having our baptismal party at their branch. They were able to answer some as I chose package 6 of their baptismal packages available. After my meeting with them, I had banana spit at an ice cream house nearby before going home.Going home was a nightmare. I had to take 4 jeepney rides going home and bought some medicine for my wife before getting some rest. Probably I slept for an hour and a half before getting myself ready for the FHM's 100 sexiest party at the WTC (I'll create a separate blog for this). After the event, I went home right away as I felt really hungry after the event as I haven't even sipped a cup of beer XD. I stopped by Jollibee near our place to have spaghetti before going home. My wife was still awake but my baby was fast asleep.

Friday: Got up at around 7:00am to take Migmig out again. My wife got upset when I forgot to turn off the aircon and dim lights (turned-off at 6:00pm) earlier. My body felt so tired I couldn't stand up straight. But it seems I felt recharged once my daughter was in her usual playful mood. Good thing we got to spend more than hour and a half together before I took her back to her mom to have her diaper changed. I got to transfer some files from camera to PC and uploaded some unedited shots from the party the previous night.Then, it was off to work again for me. When I got in the office, I felt like I'm having a very high fever plus I'm having problems with my voice again. Then I got a call that took me more than an hour which was still unresolved. Still not feeling well, I bought my dinner at Soup Kitchen (2 Full Bowls) and Chic-Boy (Cebu Lechon Liempo). I overate a bit which made my condition a bit worse plus its hard for me to sit down or stand up. I had to unload some before going home and told my wife that I'm not feeling well. I took a cab for me to get home faster so I could sleep early.

Saturday: Got up at around 10:00am after turning left and right on our bed while still recovering. I feel sorry that I wasn't able to take my daughter out for her daily dose of Vitamin D. After trying to stretch my bones and had pandesal for breakfast, I went to the grocery to buy Migmig her diapers (Pamper's Small for 425 pesos: 68 pcs) before buying my wife her drinks. I opened the laptop at 11:00am and checked my online status before getting myself ready for work. I had my baon ready and just bought siomai on the LRT going to work. I got in the office in the nick of time and took out my baon for me to eat it right away. Work was quite ok as I'm also working my way to recover from this illness that I have so I could hold and kiss my daughter always and everyday. Though my mind was pretty much pre-occupied, work was just light as I got a new game to finish; Angry Birds on PC XD. I waited for my colleagues in the night shift to arrive before going home via cab. My wife was still awake when I got home and I wanted to get some sleep right away so I would get well soon.

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