Saturday, July 16

My July To-Do List (First Update)

As of July 16, 2011, here the things that I have done so far.

1. Buy all July issues of my collection as well as backtrack the previous ones (On-Going).
2. Settle all bills (Meralco, Sun BB) Done.
3. Attend FHM's 100 Sexiest Victory Party on July 14 (Done XD).
4. Attend Playboy Academy on July 28.
5. Attend Sir Jo's Annual Student/VA Party on July 23.
6. Finalize Marien's Baptism schedule (On-Going)
7. Continuous editing of Project 365: Try to hit Day 60 (I'm on day 45 already).
8. Continuous editing of old pictures (On-Going though on a slow pace)
9. Get familiarized with EMEA IT Procedures (This is not as easy as I thought).
10. Try to tighten my expenses and focus on our daughter's (Meaning. "MAGTIPID" XD). Doing good here so far.
11. Visit Migmig's Pedia for her vaccine (Rota-Virus) on the 20th. 
12. Try to go home to Batangas to visit my Dad there.

Last Update would be at the end of the month XD.

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