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The Kasalang Batagueño-Ilocana Suppliers Rating (Our Stay in Cebu)

This would be our contribution to the group. As much as possible, we won’t be using the word OC (since it has been overused here already) and we would detail our rating so it could serve you as a guide. Our verdict is based on how we coordinated with them (from start to finish) and it shouldn’t be a sole basis whether you book this certain supplier or not (different strokes for different folks). Here is how we would be rating our wedding team. Sorry for the very long delay. XD

Photos were taken by me using my delirious camera XD.

5 and Up: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Book them while still available)
4 - 4.99: Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Very Good)
3 – 3.99: Swabeh!!! (Quite Ok)
2 – 2.99: Swabeh Lang!!! (Needs Improvement)
0 – 1.99: Hindi Swabeh!!! (Now you know) 

Honeymoon Destination in Cebu: White Sands at Maribago Beach
Address: Mactan, Cebu
Contact: We forgot. Sorry XD
Cost: Free courtesy of my wife’s boss’ friend who is Cebu-based.
Inclusions: Accommodations only
Verdict: Rating will be divided as follows:
Accommodations:  Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
Amenities: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
Beachfront: Hindi Swabeh!!! 

markpogi was here in Cebu XD

Wedding Kwento: Cebu is a really nice place to stay in but since we lack budget that time, we just had to make sure we enjoyed the most out of our stay there. After our 3D/2N stay in Bohol, it was time for us to leave Bohol and take good memories with us. We went to Cebu from Tagbilaran Port via Supercat. 

One morning at Maribago White Sands

Our bigger room: Room 321

When we got there, I could compare Cebu to Manila but less populated. Then we head off to Maribago beach to enjoy our stay there as well as to see what the place has to offer.  

Path to our room

When we got there we really liked the place. It was spacious and the surrounding was so calm and inviting. 

When we got into our room, we were invited to rest for a while that we almost forgot to take a tour to its facilities. I really liked the place as it has a different perspective to us. What I don't like though would be their beachfront. It has a fence that limits us from enjoying a long beach walk.

Since only our accommodations were free of charge, my wife's contact told us to eat as much as we can and they'll take care of the bill. That's really nice of him (Thank God for my wife who has lots of contacts XD). 

The next day before we checked-out, I took some photo's of the place. The sky was so blue as the sun rises up. But my camera wasn't cooperating with me at that time so I won't be able to post those pictures as it won't give justice to how beautiful the place is.  

Realization: Actually, its just an additional bonus for us in staying in another city without spending much. As I've said before, God was really good to us ^_^.

Recommended for: Those who prefer staying inside the resort rather than going out and do beach walks since their beach front is very limited. 

Other Suppliers Considered (Given the same amount of time for preparations): None probably since we were satisfied with the first leg of our honeymoon.

If we started our preparations last Dec 2007, we could have gotten: None probably since we were satisfied with the first leg of our honeymoon. If we had extra money, we might have been to Baguio instead. 

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