Thursday, May 12

Kitch Cafe Revisited

I logged-in early for work today so I would be able to use the 500-peso voucher I got from Kitch Cafe for attending a blogger's event last April. A fifteen minute walk from the office is all I need to get there. I was really hungry when I went there to make sure to savor the food that I'll be trying. I carry my camera with me to practice taking pictures of food at a different lighting situation.

Cozy interiors

I got there and the staff were quite surprised to see me. I didn't noticed that they greeted me when I went in. I just said table for one over there (I pointed where I wanted to seat). One of the staff gave me the menu for me to pick-out what to eat. To my surprise, the one's that I wanted to try were already phased-out. That includes the Honey Tamarind Baby Back Ribs with Herbed Corn Bread and Chili Chicken Chowder to name a few. It took me a while to think what to eat.

A different angle

While thinking, I got myself an apple-pear juice (60 pesos) which tastes really good because I wanted to shy away from the usual iced tea or lemonade type of drink.

Apple-Pear Juice

After some thought, I first ordered The Lemon Crusted Cream Dory with Mustard-Aioli Sauce (140 pesos). The fish was crunchy on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. Its vegetable sidings has hint of honey-wasabi vinaigrette that really made the difference. I was surprised that I ordered the main course first before getting the soup and salad XD.

Lemon Crusted Cream Dory with Mustard-Aioli Sauce

The next that I ordered was the Kamikaze Salad (100 pesos). The salad was composed of kani, lettuce, mangoes honey-wasabi vinaigrette and other components I forgot XD. The salad was really refreshing as the vinaigrette really carried the salad plus the fact that I liked wasabi at times.

Kamikaze Salad

Kamikaze Salad Upclose XD

Third that was served was the Seafood Chowder (100 pesos). As a big lover of seafood chowder, I wanted mine not too thick. The one I got was close to being too think plus it tasted somewhat fishy. There were shells included in the soup like small clams and mussels but I still enjoyed my soup if I was able to add a dash of salt and pepper.

Seafood Chowder

Still feeling hungry, I got A Pesto Cream Pasta with Grilled Rosemary Chicken (220 pesos). That was the most expensive dish that I got but it didn't justify its worth. Its not that it didn't taste good. It tasted good but the presentation and taste were way too common. But I think my wife would love it since she is a lover of pesto pasta dishes.

Pesto Cream Pasta with Grilled Rosemary Chicken

Last but not the least I got the Chocolate Lava ala Mode (180 pesos). It was perfect way to end a meal as the chocolate was simply pure and sinfully sweet. I'm not sure with the other on that complements the cake. Was it ice cream or not? I could say its cream but I might be wrong XD.

Chocolate Lava ala Mode

Chocolate Lava ala Mode from another point of view

My tab went as high as almost 900 pesos but thanks to my voucher, I paid only less than half plus I bought some cookies for my wife. I really enjoyed my lunch but I was hoping that my wife would join me soon in our foodtrips soon.


  1. "Lemon Crusted Cream Dory with Mustard-Aioli Sauce" Wow that's a long for a food man. I wonder how it tastes like :)

  2. I love seafood chowder! Its very comforting and reminds me of home. But I'm most curious about the Chocolate Lava ala Mode, having a huge sweet tooth. :)

  3. wow, I like all the food you ordered. The place is a bit pricey though.

  4. Sarap nong Apple Pear Juice at yung Pesto Cream Pasta na may Grilled Rosemary. And I love the place, nice ambiance.

  5. I love pasta & salad and your photos are now making me crave for it =)

  6. wow where is this placE? the place is lovable.. and the food is palatable!

  7. I absolutely love the presentation of the dessert. It was the most creative one in the brood. For the other dishes except for the pesto, looks really affordable. I just hope that when I'm able to have the time to visit this, the ones that you posted here wouldn't be phased out.

  8. the salad and dessert looks yummy! mmh…

  9. Might have enjoyed the Lemon Crusted Cream Dory with Mustard-Aioli Sauce too. I'm trying to shy away from pork and beef :3

    Oh, and the apple pear juice. Something new to me :)

    Where is this located po?

  10. Full meal kung full meal. Your photos made me salivate... waaahhh!!!

  11. wow ... 900 for a single meal ... you really got a big appetite that day !!! but with choices like what you ordered i might do the same or worst surpass what you just had ... hahhaaha..


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