Thursday, May 26

8 Effective Work Life Strategies - Secrets Shared by Satisfied Employees

I got this from this website while taking myself away from work for a while. Reading this at this point in time made me think that we have to do some strategies to keep ourselves satisfied at work and at the same time more productive. Anyway, enjoy reading. 

8 Effective Work Life Strategies - Secrets Shared by Satisfied Employees

1. The first and probably the most effective of all the work-life strategies is remembering to actually plan out, schedule, and commit to making appointments with yourself. You have no problem scheduling meetings that run past dinner time so you should be able to just as easily remember to schedule appointments and write them in your day planner that are all about you. This is the time to get some pampering, meet with friends, or get some physical exercise in. Once you write it down, in pen, you are committed to showing up for yourself.

2. Scheduling physical exercise is just one of the ways to take care of yourself. Studies indicate that those who exercise regularly not only have more energy but are more productive at work.

3. Developing a tight work day is a simple work-life balance strategy but it's not always the easiest one to follow through on. Water cooler meetings, long lunches, and the usual muck that pulls your attention away from conducting your business can be the greatest time and productivity killer. Killing your time and productivity forces you to work later, work harder, and often work at home instead of spending quality time with family, friends, or even just the cat.

4. Keeping a tight work day will help you fulfill the next two work-life balance strategies. For starters, make sure that you commit to and follow through with your tight work day so that you can leave on time. Getting in the habit of working an appropriate amount of time and leaving at an appropriate time will foster the balance you need for the following strategy.

5. Deciding in advance that you will get in your car and drive home at the appropriate time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays makes it much more difficult for a superior or a coworker to talk you into staying just a bit longer to help finish one more responsibility that most likely isn't even yours. This leaves two weekdays that you are available to work late if necessary and three work days devoted to being highly productive so you can leave on time.

6. Keeping your tasks organized, reducing your need or attendance at meetings that do not concern you or your department, and streamlining your actual responsibilities is next.

7. Learn to shake your head from left to right repeatedly. Saying no is an invaluable work-life strategy because most of us take on additional responsibilities without determining whether it's really in our best interest.

8. Finally, remember why you work hard. You work hard to provide a good life for you and your family. It's much more enjoyable for everyone if you are actually participating in that good life you are providing. The last of the work-life strategies is knowing how to play as hard as you work. You just revamped your entire work life to devote more time to being at home and being well balanced. The harder you play and have fun during your time off the easier it will be to return to the office Monday morning for another round.

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