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The Kasalang Batagueño-Ilocana Suppliers Rating (The Reception)

This would be our contribution to the group. As much as possible, we won’t be using the word OC (since it has been overused here already) and we would detail our rating so it could serve you as a guide. Our verdict is based on how we coordinated with them (from start to finish) and it shouldn’t be a sole basis whether you book this certain supplier or not (different strokes for different folks). Here is how we would be rating our wedding team. Sorry for the very long delay XD.

Pictures were taken by Ariel Javelosa and Joey Boquiren.  

5 and Up: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Book them while still available)
4 - 4.99: Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Very Good)
3 – 3.99: Swabeh!!! (Quite Ok)
2 – 2.99: Swabeh Lang!!! (Needs Improvement)
0 – 1.99: Hindi Swabeh!!! (Now you know)

By Ariel Javelosa

Address: Roxas Blvd cor Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila
Contact: Ms Star
Cost: Php 20,000 (2009 Rate)
Inclusions: 4-Hour Venue Rental (Includes aircon, electricity, caterer’s fee)
Verdict: Swabeng-Swabeh!!!

Wedding Kwento: We were totally clueless when we started to look for our wedding venue. After Jo-Anne gave us options, we initially considered Casa Blanca in Intramuros after we had an ocular inspection. Also we were able to look for pictures and reviews of the said venue even before we had an ocular. But due to the Marian Procession (we already had our church then) we panicked a little bit since we don’t have much options then.

By Ariel Javelosa

We started to look for other venues since it would create a domino effect if we decided to change our wedding date. We were entirely clueless in finding our venue (this was 5-8 weeks before I found w@w) until Jo-Anne suggested Ramon Magsaysay Center. We inquired but they said that they were book on that day which made us pressured to look for our venue. Then we found out that Jo-Anne already booked the venue for us. 

 From Ariel Javelosa

We had an ocular of the venue at least twice (the first however, we weren’t able to see the interiors unlike the next ocular). I’m not sure if it would fit 150 guests. Jun of Eloquente said it would fit 200 (even up to 250 but it would be too crowded). Then on my third ocular at RM, I saw Eloquente’s set-up for 230 people and I find it quite reasonable in terms of space though I must say it would be crowded if the couple who had their reception that day would have a band/string performers.

During the day itself, the venue was pleasing to the eyes though I find it a little bit on the dimmer side. We didn’t need the swags to make the place look elegant since most guests told us that the place looks expensive. Also, they didn’t charge us extra since we were finished with the program early. Even without the drapes, the place still look elegant.

Realization: After booking our church we made sure to look for our reception next. I don’t think it’s advisable to spend more than 50K on a venue good for 4-6 hours more so spending additional for drapes and swags. As long as we have a venue for our reception, we were ok with it. If we had 100K budget for our venue, we could have optimize it and rented either Oasis or Gazebo Royale but still, we will still look for options that costs 50K or less.

Recommended for: Couples on a budget and wanted a venue near Manila Bay

Other Suppliers Considered (Given the same amount of time for preparations): Casa Blanca, Teatrillo (because we don’t want to spend more than 50K on a venue that we will be using for only 4-6 hours plus you have to decorate it if the venue is bare).

If we started our preparations last Dec 2007, we could have gotten: Either The Glass Garden or La Castanella or Oasis Pavillion or Gazebo Royale, or any Venue as long as its near the church and it costs less than 100K.

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