Monday, April 18

Jam-Packed Dinner at Charlie's Grind and Grill.

Last night, we had our dinner at Charlie's Grind and Grill located at the Ronac Bldg., San Juan, Manila. I was really curious on how their food fare with others as I've been seeing several blogs on how their food and service was really raved by their respective authors.

To my surprise, the place was really jam-packed with people as we got to see some celebrities there having dinner and enjoying their food. It took us a while before we got our spot on the table. My wife gave me the honors of choosing for our dinner since she's a bit tired already.

After placing our order, I went back to my wife and we looked for a good table with sufficient lighting. I find the dining area a bit tight and probably needs more space. There were paper napkins on each table as well as condiments to compliment on their customer's orders.

One by one, they came. We liked most of the food that we ordered and it was really good for two (even more than two) people. Since my wife isn't the type who has a hearty appetite, I was able to enjoy our food. XD

First of, we had Clam Chowder for our soup (120 pesos). The presentation wasn't appealing at all as it was served to us in a cup. Another thing is that instead of complementing it with garlic bread (or any bread), it had crackers. Not just crackers but Skyflakes Crackers. They could have take the crackers out of the container to make it look like its not cheap crackers. The soup was creamier than usual but it was a bit "malansa" for my taste. A dash of salt (again) could have spelled the difference.

Next was the Fish and Chips with extra coleslaw (225 + 55 pesos). The fries were indeed oily as read in other blogs but the fries were quite big which was ok for me. The fish was crunchy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside plus the dips really complemented the fish. What ticked me off though was the coleslaw. For 55 pesos, the serving was small and I find it over-priced.

Third to be served was the Mild Buffalo Wings (185 pesos). These days, me and my wife were really hooked with them thanks to the blogs I've been frequenting plus my persuasion to my wife so she could try them too.  Their mild version was hot enough and its really good. Adding veggie sticks to the wings made it more interesting to eat. Their bleu cheese dip was ok but it could have been better if it was free flowing as well XD.

Then their Angus Burger with Cheese was next in line (195 pesos without fries). The burger was tender and juicy as well as I didn't tasted any extenders. It was pure beef, nothing more. I didn't include the fries since we had more than enough from our fish and chips. Probably, the standard for Angus Burgers should be like of the ones at Charlie's IMO XD.

For dessert, we had Chocolate Milkshake (155 pesos). It was rich and creamy just like the ones that we've tried before since both my wife and I were fans of milkshakes XD.

I made sure my wife really enjoyed her dinner before going home as we will be going to the hospital later this afternoon for her final check-up and awaiting for our baby to arrive.

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