Saturday, March 19

Late Lunch at Papa John's

After my wife's check-up with her Doctor yesterday, we went to Robinson's Galeria to run some more errands and have our late lunch there. She wanted to eat pasta that time and I wanted pizza but we wanted to try something new and not just go to our favorites.

Better Ingredients mean a Better Pizza. XD

I remember checking some food blogs and I remembered how they rave about the food they ate at Papa John's. I was able to research on their website to see what's their best seller and how much the food costs. I've read a lot of blogs on how they rave Papa John's pizza and their food. I'm hoping that we would like the food they'll be serving to us.

Pizza got better

When we got inside their Robinson's Galeria branch, I was surprised that the place was actually smaller than I expect. Choosing the food to order didn't take us that long as I got to research on some of their best sellers from the blogs I usually visit.  

For starters, we had our usual drinks. My wife settled for the usual bottomless softdrinks (75 pesos) while I got myself a Green Apple Italian Soda (69 pesos). My drink has a unique taste of soda with a hint of apple.

Green Apple Italian Soda

Then we got their famous Cheese Sticks (90 pesos). It was really cheesy and sticky. Best consumed when its hot and it has a garlic butter dip included in the dish.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks upclose

For pasta, we got Penne Carbonara (180 pesos). I don't know if its me again but I don't see or taste something special in their pasta. Its like were ordering a more expensive pasta that we can get it in our neighborhood for 20 pesos.

Penne Carbonara

Then for the finale, we got the small sized, Super Papa Pizza (320 pesos for a 9" diameter). Their pizza was really great. The balance of meat and veggies were just right. But I thing having a garlic butter as its dip makes me think since their dip (garlic butter) makes the pizza tastes like as if its dipped in butter that means more cholesterol in your body. The addition of a whole jalapeno made my pizza-eating experience more interesting.

Super Papa Pizza

See those rich and flavorful toppings? XD

The staff were prompt with our requests and polite when dealing with us. Though my initial expectations were not that great, we might try eating at their Greenhills branch sometime soon since the place is much bigger.

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