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Weight-loss strategy for bride and groom

Two Thousand and Ten is already a part of history. But for those who will be getting married this year, it would be another chapter for them as they make preparations for their upcoming wedding. Be it next month, the month after or before the year ends, it is important that both bride and groom to be healthy and fit (something that my wife and I weren't able to do so XD).

I saw this article from Weddings at Work only to ponder that if I could have discovered it early, I could have looked better in our wedding pictures XD. Anyways, to avoid the same fate that I had, here is the article on how to lose weight for both bride and groom via Inquirer Online.

Weight-loss strategy for bride and groom
By Mitch Felipe; Philippine Daily Inquirer; First Posted 21:27:00 06/01/2009

MANILA, Philippines – It has been a practice of busy women preparing for their wedding to eat less and neglect exercise. If you resort to starvation, you’d regain the weight during honeymoon.

The best weight loss strategy combines regular physical activity and a sustainable eating plan even after the wedding.

Early preparations
Your wellness program should be planned at least four to six months before your wedding.

Set your lifestyle goals. How much weight do you want to lose? If you have 10 pounds to lose, you should target at least two pounds every month. If you have 30 pounds to lose, better start sweating it out as early as now so you can lose an average of five pounds per month. Avoid over-dieting and using weight loss pills.

Set a budget for wellness. Allocate at least five to 10 percent of your budget for your wedding wellness program. Enroll in a health club or buy exercise equipment which costs less than P5,000.

Hire a credible fitness/wellness professional to coach you every week or every two weeks on your six-month eating and exercise program so you can get faster results.

Spend time for exercise. Delegate the wedding tasks to your friends and family or get a wedding coordinator.

Start your weight training program so you can get a toned body, especially your arms and back. Full body weight training can be done 30-45 minutes two to three times a week. Include all exercises for the back, chest, shoulders, arms, core, buttocks and thighs.

Start a journal on your food intake and physical activities. Combine your wedding notebook with the wellness journal so you are always reminded about your commitment to health and fitness.

Two to four months before:
Ask your fiancĂ© to exercise with you at least once a week so you will get the chance to talk more about your lifestyle goals. This fitness bonding is important so both of you will avoid the “after-wedding” weight gain.

Include fitness and wellness items in your wedding registry. This is a good idea for your outdoor getaway like a tent for hiking and camping.

One to two months before:
Shop for clothes in smaller sizes as reward. This will motivate you to continue your wellness program by moving more and eating healthy.

Treat yourself in the spa. Enroll in a yoga class with your fiancé to learn how to breathe properly.

A few days to two weeks before:
Do the easiest and most accessible type of physical activity you can do at home or around your village like walking or jogging.

Avoid saucy and fatty foods. Get enough rest so you can physically and mentally prepare yourself for your most-awaited day.

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