Friday, January 6

No Internet for almost three weeks

A few weeks back, we had some problems with our internet connection. The only thing I remember was when I was about to start my shift, we were having problems connecting to the internet. I thought it was just a glitch but eventually, we cannot connect to the internet. We had to escalate this to PLDT (our internet provider) since it is crucial that we should always have our internet access.

After escalating this issue to PLDT, we waited for the next 24 hours for a resolution. It turns out that our company had an outstanding balance that needs to be settled. We thought that it would be fixed within a day or two but NO. We had to wait until Christmas but we didn't have internet access. My colleagues told me that come New Year, we still don't have internet access. Even when I came back from a 6-day vacation, still no internet. We got our connection back around the first Thursday of 2012.

Bottom line here is: when you have an IT company, you should always make sure to settle your accounts early or on time as missing the deadline would mean consequences like these. I was quite disappointed but I'll make sure the next company I'll be moving to don't experience the same inconvenience like we did.

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