Monday, January 3

LTFRB approves P40 taxi flagdown rate

Good thing I was still able to hail a cab last Friday with a 30-pesos flagdown rate. But unfortunately, they will be increasing their fare for the next 15 days or so according to ABS-CBN

The Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has approved the petition of taxi owners to increase the flagdown rate from P30 to P40.

Transportation and Communication Undersecretary Dante Velasco said the LTFRB reviewed the petition and found it fair and reasonable since the last time an increase was granted was in 2004.

The LTFRB approved the petition on December 23.

Aside from the flagdown rate, succeeding charges to were also increased. This means that for every 300 meters, taxi passengers will now have to pay P3.50 from the previous P2.50.

Velasco said the taxi fare increase will take effect 15 days after the publication of the adjustment in major dailies.

Well what can I say about this? Its fun while it lasted. And besides, I only take a cab to work when I know I'll be late or when I want to go home early after work. There are other means of transportation going to and from your chosen destination. This would also mean that I have to leave home early so that I won't be late for work and leave the office on the dot to get home early. XD

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