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11 job search tips for 2011

Well, for those who weren't able to find job last year, its better to start early and start now. MSN Careers gives you 11 job search tips for 2011. You may had a hard time looking for a job before but after reading this article from them, I'm sure you will be enlighten.

11 job search tips for 2011

By Kaitlin Madden, CareerBuilder Writer

1. Narrow your search. Stop applying to jobs that you're not qualified for or don't really want. It's a waste of time. Be honest with yourself when evaluating job postings. 

2. Know exactly what you want. Narrowing down your job search may force you to ask yourself tough questions like: What kind of job am I really after? And what skills can I offer an employer? If you're unsure of the answer, make one list of the job skills you excel at and one of the skills you like to use most.

3. Re-evaluate your skills. If you feel as if you've looked at every job posting on earth and you still can't find one your skills match up with, then it's time to get some new skills.

4. Set goals. Yes, your overall goal may be to get a job, but setting short-term, specific job search goals for the year will help you grow and force you to continuously evaluate your progress.

5. Try something new. If you're stuck in a job search rut, add a new strategy to your repertoire. Instead of only job searching online, try working with a recruiter and setting up informational interviews with industry contacts, too.

6. Get a leg up on the competition. If you come across a job that seems perfect for you, do something that will subtly help you stand out from the crowd.    

7. Get ahold of your online reputation: When human-resources managers search for your name online  and they will do it you can either take control of what they see, or you can leave it to the powers of the crawl search gods.

8. Start a website: If you want to take your Internet presence one step further, starting a website will showcase your skills and talents in a thorough and interesting way, and it'll add to your professionalism and give you credibility. Plus, it's not as costly or as time-consuming as you might think.

9. Stay current: You should always be in the loop, even if you're out of work. Read trade publications, comment on industry blogs and stay on top of any emerging technologies or policies that may affect your career path.

10. Sell yourself: An interview is no time for modesty, especially in times like these. When you land an interview, go prepared with at least five examples that demonstrate your best qualities. 

11. Keep that glass half-full approach, all year: A job search will always have its frustrating moments, because things don't always happen when or how we want them to happen. But instead of letting setbacks ruin motivation, take them as lessons.  

If you want more. you may go to this link. 

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