Wednesday, December 1

The week that was (Nov 21 - 27)

Sunday: Good thing the day was quite ok since there were no calls nor emails for me to resolve. After my shift, I went home to get my much needed rest. After an hour and a half, my left leg felt numb and I was grimacing in pain. It took me a while before the pain subsided as I went back to sleep and got up at around 3:00pm. I was able to do some laundry before attending the 7:00pm mass. But after mass, my body felt so tired, I went to sleep at around 8:00pm.

Monday: I got up at around 4:00am and went online to check my Mafia Wars. I was able to read the Sunday's paper while my wife was still asleep. After lunch time, I went out to but some milk for my wife since were almost running out of stock. Instead of buying it at SM Manila, I went to SM Megamall since I'm craving for puto and dinuguan. I got there at around 2:00pm so that I would be able to buy my needs before getting hooked with my cravings. By 3:00pm, I went to Dad's at the 4th floor to satisfy my cravings. Though I was a bit disappointed since the food choices were quite few, I had my few bowls of dinuguan together with puto as well as other food choices. One tip though, avoid snacks that are heavy on the stomach. After an hour of feasting, I went home right away since I'm feel very sleepy. Traffic was very horrible on the way back which we had to take a different route. Once I got home, I went out again to play lotto 6/55 hoping I would win for my family. I went to bed at around 8:00pm since I'm really sleepy that day.

Tuesday: I got up at around 5:00am and went online again to check my Mafia Wars.I was thinking if I would report to work for the night but my body felt I need more rest. Come afternoon, I sent an SMS to our team that I won't be reporting for that night since I'm not feeling well (as well as I want to spend more time with my wife at home). They were able to acknowledge my sms and I was able to spend more time at home. I slept at around 10:00pm.

Wednesday: Got up at around 4:00am and went online right away to check on my mafia XD. My wife got up early as well and felt hungry. Then we browsed through the internet together as we shared some laughs and we laughed a bit hard. Then my wife went up to get some more sleep while I watched District 9 to make myself feel sleepy. At around 12:00pm, I went upstairs and went back to sleep. I got up at around 6:30pm feeling energized and ready for work. Good thing I was able to prepare early which means I got to the office early as well.

Thursday: Work was quite OK though were getting some calls due to Thanksgiving Day in the US. I was able to do some personal stuff in the office (halfheartedly though). I went home after shift at around 7:30am and took the MRT-LRT2 route. I was sweating heavily through continuous walking. When I got home, my wife was already awake and teaching her sister how to work online. I was able to get to sleep at around 9:30am and hoping to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. But unfortunately, I got up at around 1:30pm. I tried very hard to get some more sleep but to no avail after. Instead, I went outside to go online and just level-up my mafia. Then as I prepare myself for work, I felt that I'm gonna fall asleep which that should have happened earlier. Good thing I didn't fall asleep while I'm on my way to the office.

Friday: Good thing its still Thanksgiving day in the US.We didn't had any calls then and just enjoyed our shift. Then I waited for a while before going to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. As I got home, instead of going to bed right away, I went out to go online for a while before finally going to bed. Good thing I was able to get some good sleep for at least 7 hours. Before going to the office, I tried to check if we already have our paycheck but unfortunately, we still don't have our paycheck yet.I left home early so that I won't be late. To my surprise, I got a call from the US (from one of the VPs) regarding his problem which I was able to give a work around while working on a permanent resolution.

Saturday: I felt we were fully loaded with work even if its still a long holiday in the US. I got two calls within my shift but I left in the office at almost 8:00am. Traveling was quite OK since I didn't got stuck in traffic. I rested for a while once I got home before hitting the showers and get some rest. I had a good dream of finding 3 good food spots as I got up at almost 5:00pm after falling asleep at almost 10:00am. I went online for a while (again) before reporting for work early.

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