Friday, December 31

My December to-do list (Final Update)

Before the turn of the year, here is my final update for December and for the year 2010. 

1. Attend Bumper to Bumper 6 later this afternoon. (Done)
2. Attend Greif Christmas Party on December 10. (Done)
3. Pick-up Deliverables at Ariel Javelosa Studio on December 6. (Got it as early as December 5)
4. Accompany my wife on her check-up on December 21 (Done)
5. Collect all the remaining men's magazine for 2010.(Almost done except for UNO and Playboy)
6. Settle my Philhealth Contribution for 4th Quarter. (Will do this on 2011)
7. Go out and have fun together with my wife on our first anniversary (December 6).(Done)
8. Start collecting stamps for CBTL's 2011 Planner. (Got 22 stamps so far)
9. Attended wifey's Christmas Party. (Done)

Happy New Year! XD

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