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The Kasalang Batagueño-Ilocana Suppliers Rating (Our Caterer)

This would be our contribution to the group. As much as possible, we won’t be using the word OC (since it has been overused here already) and we would detail our rating so it could serve you as a guide. Our verdict is based on how we coordinated with them (from start to finish) and it shouldn’t be a sole basis whether you book this certain supplier or not (different strokes for different folks). Here is how we would be rating our wedding team. Sorry for the very long delay XD.

All pictures here were taken by Ariel Javelosa and Joey Boquiren.  

5 and Up: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Book them while still available)
4 - 4.99: Swabeng-Swabeh!!! (Very Good)
3 – 3.99: Swabeh!!! (Quite Ok)
2 – 2.99: Swabeh Lang!!! (Needs Improvement)
0 – 1.99: Hindi Swabeh!!! (Now you know)

From Ariel Javelosa

Address: 33 Albany Street, Cubao, Quezon City
Contact: Mr. Jeric or Ms. Jo-Ann Sebastian, Mr. Jun Garcia
Cost: Php 91,500 (Plus 5% Service Charge) + Php 5,000 for upgraded flowers for long-table set-up + Php 5,000 for Supplier’s meal (17 pax) + Php 1000 for additional 2 speakers from their basic set-up.(2009 Rate)

Inclusions: 2009 Stargazer Package
1. Arc Gazebo with chandelier and floral arrangement for the cake
2. Buffet Table with centerpiece arrangement, skirting and lighting.
3. Elegant Presidential Table Set-Up (Long Table, State-Visit Style)
4. Stylish set-up of tables for the couple, gifts and registration.
5. Guest Tables with floor length mantel and lace topping.
6. Special Centerpiece on each guests’ table with fresh flowers (Upgraded since guests’ table will be long table set-up)
7. Elegant Tiffany Chairs for all guests
8. Guest Book
9. Red Carpet
10. A pair of Dove with cage and floral arrangement
11. A bottle of wine for toasting
12. Use of complete sets of dinnerware, flatware and glassware
13. Elegant Roll Top Chafing Dish
14. Well trained and uniformed waiters and buffet attendants
15. Purified drinking water and ice for the drinks
16. 100 pcs cupcakes (w/ box and thank you card) and 8” round cutting cake
17. Complete Sound System with Bubble Machine
18. Bridal Car (MB E220)
19. Menu consisting of the following:
     a. Soup: Fresh Pumpkin Soup with Malunggay
     b. Appetizer: Assorted French bread Canapé (Crab Sticks, Tuna and Egg) and Assorted Cocktail Cold Cuts (Smoked Ham, Salami, and Cheesedog)
     c. Salad Bar: Garden Fresh Salad with Thousand Island and Caesar Dressing
     d. Main Course:
         d1. Seafood: Seafood Platter
         d2. Vegetables: Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole
         d3. Pasta: Beef Parmigana
         d4. Chicken: White Chicken Galantina
         d5. Beef: Fillet Mignon
         d6: Pork: Boneless Baby Back Ribs (Sliced on Spot) with Mashed Potato Gravy and Steak Sauce.
     e. Dessert: Crepe Suzette (Peaches, Mango, Banana) with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits with Assorted Pastries (Apple Bar, Brownies, Food for the Gods)
     f. Drinks: Bottomless Pineapple Orange with Set-Up of Brewed Coffee and Tea Bar

Verdict: Rating will be divided as follows:
Initial food tasting: Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
Grand food tasting: Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
Final food tasting: Swabeh!!!
During the wedding: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
VIP and Guest Table Set-Up: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
Couples Table and Backdrop: Oh Yeah! Swabeng-Swabeh!!!
Customer Service: Swabeng-Swabeh!!!

Wedding Kwento: We had another caterer before we decided to book Eloquente. When I checked the website of our supposed to be caterer, we were surprised because there were some parts of the menu that was not included in our package. Again, we asked Jo-Anne about this and she said that she had a different arrangement with them. This was supposed to be the inclusions from our package from our first caterer (Dinner Buffet):

Choice of One Beef or Pork Dish
Choice of One Fish Dish
Choice of One Chicken Dish
Choice of One Pasta
Steamed Rice
Choice of One Dessert
No Appetizer
No Soup
No Salad

We pondered for a while before we decided not to forego with our wedding package and instead, look for our own caterer. We let our 5K down payment go down the drain rather than serving our guest with limited food. For sometime, we considered other caterers as their replacement like Robert Camba, Eloquente, Blue Petals and others mainly because their packages were more affordable as well as their inclusions. We checked their amenities as to who among them would be the most practical. After sometime, we decided to get Eloquente mainly because of their packages plus they also have good reviews from w@w since they are one of the favorites because of its affordability, great customer service and of course their mouth-watering dishes. 

From Ariel Javelosa

When we booked Eloquente at the Grand Celebrations Event at SMX, it was Ms Bheng Camba who assisted us even if we disturbed her break time then. She was able to convince me to upgrade our package from Anthurium to Stargazer because of the Tiffany chairs and other amenities plus a 5% deduction of our service charge (originally at 10%). My wife also wanted Tiffany chairs for all our guests hence, the upgrade was pushed through. We thought she would be our AE until our wedding day until she mentioned that our account will be handled by Mr. Jun Garcia. After we booked them, that was the time we had food tasting with atleast 5 caterers before having our food tasting with them for us to have an idea how reception food tastes like. Their food (from other caterer’s) tastes delicious (though some were quite ordinary for us) plus they offered some freebies but some of them didn’t take care of us like prospective clients. 

Salad Bar by Ariel Javelosa

Seafood Platter by Ariel Javelosa

Fillet Mignon by Ariel Javelosa

White Chicken Galantina by Ariel Javelosa

Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole by Ariel Javelosa

Beef Parmigana by Ariel Javelosa

Rice by Ariel Javelosa

Boneless Baby Back Ribs (Sliced on Spot) with Mashed Potato Gravy and Steak Sauce by Ariel Javelosa

Desserts by Ariel Javelosa

We had 3 food tasting sessions with them. The first food tasting with them was when we pay the remaining 5% of the 10% down payment at their office in Cubao last August. Another couple requested the stargazer package for their final food tasting with them that’s why we were able to judge the food right away (some reviews say that when you call their office, they would prepare at least 3 main dishes). We really ate everything and almost went back for round 2 since their food was really delicious. We met Jun that time for the initial meeting and detailing. Even Ms Bheng greeted us indicating that she still remember us during the bridal fair at SMX. The second food tasting with them was during their Grand Food Tasting at Gazebo Royale when we checked their set-up (for the guests and VIP for Anthurium, Stargazer and Carnation packages). This time, we tasted some of the food from our package that we haven’t tasted during our initial food tasting with them. Also, we tasted some of the dishes from other packages (Anthurium and Carnation) and they were delicious as well but we haven’t completely tried all of the dishes from our package (that prevented us from giving a Perfect Rating). The Owner Mr Jeric Sebastian was also there to check if we were satisfied with the food and the service and offered us to try their sushi bar as well as their brewed coffee (We consider this a plus for them since the owner himself is hands-on when dealing with prospective clients). We also informed him that we have booked him already last May. Our food tasting with them lasted for 6 hours which includes checking how they set-up and we waited for our turn to sit down and eat as well. Jun accommodated us after entertaining prospective clients (they were able to book him during the event).

 By Joey Boquiren

When my wife talked to Jun regarding some upgrades, he forgot to save what was discussed during our Grand Food Tasting at Gazebo Royale. Other people may feel it’s a sign of unprofessionalism or forgetfulness but on my part, I didn’t mind it because we still had our final food tasting which we could finalize everything and put all of it in writing. On our final food tasting, I was a little bit disappointed because we weren’t able to try their soup from our package plus we weren’t able to have a final taste of our Menu for the wedding day but I didn’t fret much about it since we were able to try their food twice. We were able to finalize some details regarding our set-up for RMCH and he still remembered our discussion last September. 

By Joey Boquiren

Come wedding day, the food was really overflowing. All of our guests went back to the buffet table for some more. The seafood platter was a hit that it almost ran out before the reception end. We even had plenty of left-over food (my side forgot to take home the food that was packed for them) which lasted for at least 4-5 days after the wedding. Just make sure to consume the food right away. 

From Joey Boquiren

The table set-up was really nice (both VIP and Guests Table) even though the table lay-out was not strictly followed (not a big deal for us since Jun and Jo-Anne told us during our meeting that if our proposed table lay-out wont be possible, they will make an alternative). But still, most of our relatives were seated at the back since the table lay-out was different.

Realization: If your caterer wont be able to reply to your messages right away if you have any concerns, you don’t have to make fuss over it especially if your wedding date is still months away. OC brides should also consider that they also have other couples to attend to especially if their wedding day is ahead of yours. And when your time comes, they will constantly remind you even with the littlest of detail

By Ariel Javelosa

Maybe one factor that made us book them was they have the least number of unfortunate incidents happened during the day itself (Josiah’s, Hizon’s and VS&F and others had more than 5 unfortunate incidents) and we don’t want that to happen to us. We can safely say that there is NO “Perfect Caterer” because their ratings would vary per couple. If we haven’t booked them before our food tasting with other caterers, we could have gotten someone else. If our wedding date was a year away after we booked Eloquente (we booked them 6 months before), we could have attended more than 10 food tasting sessions with various caterers. Also, these were the reasons why we didn’t consider them as our caterer:

1. With Hizon’s, their food was good plus their offer was so tempting. But I got turned-off when one of their famous AE’s who was generous with giving freebies (most w@wies know who she is) pressured us with booking them on the spot and when we haven’t formally decided, she said “Sige, Bahala kayo” then she walked away. That really ticked-us off given the fact that we had 2 food tasting sessions with them (our first experience was even worse).

2. With Center Table, their food was delicious but they were quite common to us. Also, they don’t offer discounts plus we were not impressed with their set-up during their food tasting at Aliw Theater.

3. With VS&F, their food was also delicious however they were too pricey for us that the food that we tasted with them was from their 2nd to 4th highest packages (if we would book them, we can only avail their lowest package).

4. With Batis Asul, their food was good but again, it was simply common for us plus if you wanted your reception area to be livelier, you have to pay additional for the upgrades.

5. With Josiah’s their food was good (especially their Mongolian Vegetable) and they even offered freebies if we booked them on the spot but their cost was pricey. Also when we inquired with them last March, we felt like we were not well-taken care of when we initially inquired with them.

Recommended for: Couples who are on a budget but wanted good food (complete), good service.

Other Suppliers Considered (Given the same amount of time for preparations): Robert Camba (I have their brochure even before we decided to get married), Blue Petals, Batis Asul,

If we started our preparations last Dec 2007, we could have gotten: Either K by Cunanan or Center Table or Hizon’s (for the many freebies they offered us).


  1. Wow! Ang ganda2x ng wedding nila. Gusto ko din ganito settings and design ng wedding ko this year. Nakaka mangha! Ang sarap2x cgru ng mga pagkain na yan. Good infos! Atleast may rough idea ako on my upcoming wedding! Tnx for this!

  2. Wow ang ganda ng wedding super. At ang sasarap ng foods :))


  3. this is so very meticulous of you to be able to remember all of the details of your wedding.. galing!
    - sionee

  4. This is Swabeng-Swabeh!!! The Food looks good and the setup was amazing!

  5. Food looks great and it looked like you had excellent service. Congratulations! :)

  6. I like the settings. Parang gusto ko ulit magpakasal.

    1. Yan din ang una kong napansin Ms. Jenny! :)

      Ang romantic pero malinis yung setting. :)

  7. The food looks really delicious and the way the arrangement is done, this catering service is worth the price they are asking.

  8. the food looks delish and the table setting is simple yet elegant. Swabeng swabeh talaga! haha

  9. Nice! I wish my wedding in the future would have such a romantic set-up and good food :) Btw, I agree with Sionee. This post just shows how you're very organized and detailed.. :D

  10. my favorite part, food tasting sessions... and I'm glad to read that the food was overflowing...

  11. wow nice you have written about your wedding caterers' choice and how you arrived at your choice! looks very reasonable. i hope my bf would be the one to plan or write about this, but he doesn't have the interest in doing so, and i'm happy i could do it haha. i've been attending bridal fairs and food tasting and Hizons seem nice. yea biggie turn off about the "walking away" part.

  12. looks really nice but affordable. WIsh I could have my own catering business in the future. :)

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  14. Rating 4....Planning is very difficult especially with the reception.

  15. This is really a nice detailed review of a caterer and the reviews of other service provider will be very helpful =)

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  18. One of the best caterer sila. Nice setup plus good food as well.

  19. Nice review. Naalala ko tuloy ang aming wedding. Super daming to dos before mag I Do!

  20. Really affordable package. Do they also cater to other events aside from weddings? I'm actually looking for a caterer to recommend to a friend of mine for one of their events later this year. They might just be what they're looking for.

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  22. Grabe ka Mark. And effort naman nito, sumakit tuloy ang batok ko, haha.

    I appreciate you for doing this stuff. Oh yeah Swabehhh!

  23. medyo mahal na talaga magpakasal... lalo na ang reception... pero mukha namang sulit ang package, if you have the resources... Yahweh bless.


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